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  • Carlos Silva
    Veru disappointed
    - Work as a watch (the function itself);
    - The construction actually is very robust;
    - As a design piece to show this strong visual impact the result was very good.
    - The construction details have too much faults;
    - Too much effort to get a real watch style on this particular case just didn't worked as expected;
    - This is a watch for a specific users so don't fit on general customers. But again, at this particular case the final result of printed details combined with the materials just didn't worked for me. Not sure if this is a bad product or just don't fit with my kind of expected product.

    Mar 03,2018

  • Анатолий
    Неплохо за свою цену
    Большой циферблат
    Внешний вид
    Часы посажены на ремешок - руку не муляет
    Длина ремешка - часы посажены на него, так что при покупке учитывайте, что длина учтена с часами - мне на запястье не налезли((
    В описании не указано - малые циферблаты декоративные - нарисованы короче

    Sep 14,2017

  • Ed
    Great watch
    Very stylish, Comfortable, Large Faced watch, Soft Leather Band.
    For me the only con is I wish the band was longer, I have very large wrists. Not a bad con, just personal preference for myself.

    Nov 20,2014

  • Alexey Tischenko
    Cool wath
    Очень стильные часы, качественно собраны, циферблат оригинальный. на вид массивные, но на самом деле не тяжелые. Ремешок надежный, с подкладом под сами часы.
    на ночь лучше снимать с руки, тикают громко.))

    Nov 24,2016

  • Ryan Frisbie
    Good quality, big heavy case/face, very cool design, great price.

    Jan 11,2018

  • Ryan Frisbie
    Womage Men's Watch
    Really cool watch at very low price... I've bought 4! Recommend!
    Nothing so far...

    Jan 30,2018

  • mse688
    i like it
    i like it nice material good product thank you
    i like it nice material good product thank you

    Sep 19,2017

  • esteban flores mare
    WOMAGE1091B PU Band Male Pointer Quartz Watch
    exelente reloj buena calidad exelente servicio a muy buen precio exelentes materiales muy ergonomico

    Jul 22,2017

  • Július Olexa
    very good
    very good

    Sep 18,2017

  • JUAN
    excellent price for that quality

    Feb 25,2016