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  • Enrihe
    Review for Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 Gnome kit
    I gave 5 stars rating for everything cause it's true. Came per 13 days , I got all information where mod have been , shipped on the next day + plus I got it for good price.1. Probably smallest 3x 18650 and 300w mod2. Small and compactible, feels great in the hand3. Came with good atomizer.4. For flavour HW2 coil is better , but for cloud HW3And probably thats it.
    If you chin vape it gets hot, has pretty big holes on side for battery fenting so If you drop it in to water or spill on that hole you can say "goodbye" for batterys or even mod I dont know I havent dropped it, but for small device like this you need good fenting so I think its ok.

    Jul 31,2018

  • Wismec Rx Gen3
    Un Fantástico Mod
    Tardo en llegar aproximadamente unos 25 días, viene perfectamente embalado y sin un solo daño en la caja, el color concuerda y las especificaciones también, comprobé el código de autentificacion en la página oficial de Wismec y es un producto oficial, la verdad no tengo ninguna queja con el, lo recomiendo encarecidamente y mas si lo pilláis a un precio inferior a 40€

    Sep 03,2018

  • Angre Macho
    Super Akkuträger mit Klasse Verdampfer
    Gnome: Super Geschmack Einfaches Topfillsystem Gute Tankgröße, lässt sich erweitern (2ml bzw 4.5ml) Gute Dampfentwicklung Nicht ganz so hoher Liquidverbrauch Akkuträger: Die Farbe (grün) ist ein Traum Super Temperaturkontrolle im TC Mode Kaum verzögerte Leistungsabgabe Lange laufzeit durch 3Akkus, bei mir ca 2Tage Liegt gut in der Hand
    Gnome: Glas sehr dunkel, man erkennt den Füllstand schlecht Akkuträger Wird beim internen Laden doch sehr warm (ca 55°) Display bei Sonnenlicht mühsam zu lesen, durch die Tönung Akkufach beim Öffnen wackelig, ist wahrscheinlich Technisch nicht anderes möglich zu realisieren

    Nov 27,2017

  • It is a perfectly processed product
    I love this mod. It is perfectly processed, fits very well in the hand. A handy mod, and yet fit 3 pieces of 18650 batteries in it.
    1. Perfect workmanship2. Lightweight3. Great color selection4. Easy to use5. Cheap price6. Quality product from WISMEC7. You do not have it yet? You think everyone needs it!
    The paint is slightly scratch-sensitive at the edges. However, this problem is with most painted mods, and with careful treatment, the device looks nice for a long time.

    Jun 13,2018

  • Jpcm
    Finally in my hands
    Battery s load fast.Nice build quality.You get used to the size. It fits perfect into the palm of your hand.
    Vent holes on the side look a little bit strange.

    Sep 12,2017

  • Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 GNOME Kit
    Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 GNOME Kit
    Handlich kompact zuverlässig einfach nur gut. Ist mein zweiter Kit.bin voll überzeugt.Macht mächtig viel Dampf im Verbrauch moderat.Geschmaksentfaltung auch gut.Einfach zufrieden mit der Kombi.

    Jul 01,2018

  • michael robins
    good kit
    good mod haven't had a treuble with it, get at you'r own risk. BUT the battery door is spot on I think
    just look at reviews and what other people say

    Dec 11,2017

  • v0lt3r
    Super ergonimic mod
    This its one of the most ergonomic mods i have ever found, 3 batteries and the weight its so low, its works so nice, and the atomizer its very good, i have another atomizer on it now and works perfectly, i can show you in photos and videos, look please.

    Oct 11,2018

  • Philip Cook
    Great mod and the Gnome has loads of flavour. Easy to use straight from the box. Five star product

    Sep 27,2017

  • Jean-Francois Potvin
    Très bonne box. Je suis très satisfait. Je vous conseil d’installer ce programme pour plus de plaisir

    Aug 25,2018