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  • Geo
    These were the best 20€ i've ever spent in my whole life, as a PC enthusiast i was looking for a product like this for many years. I've been through numerous alternatives like IMON, Windows RC6 ir controllers and even some other air mice but nothing can touch this. Paired with a Simerec PCS-1 sensor/receiver and you get the best possible HTPC experience you can have. Hands down the best Windows 10 controller available. Big plus that the buttons are also IR re-programmable so you end up with some short of a universal controller for all of your home entertainment devices like TV or your multichannel av receiver, it also has a great range and perfect button illumination. If there is a thing i would change that would be the buttons' sensitivity, i prefer kinda more softy buttons than these hard to press ones the W10 Gyro has but i can live with that of course... Oh and something more, get a couple of rechargeable AAA batteries because it is more power hungry than you might think.

    Sep 17,2019

  • Bartek
    Godd product
    These remotes are now standard throughout our home. We have a central AV server and many front-end terminals for watching internet TV, satellite TV, security cams, photos music etc. These remotes just work out of the box, take AAA batteries, and last for ages. A really nice feature is the OK button changes from enter, to mouse click when mouse mode is enabled. Even Mother figured out this by herself (!)

    Dec 30,2018

  • Kotw
    Best remote for HTPC with Windows 10
    Buttons especially for Windows 10
    Best gyro I ever have (compare with 2 remote I own for android device)
    Full keyboard and mouse in one
    Backlight it's a great future
    IR learning ability - you can control your TV and HTPC with this one remote
    The Best remote for HTPC with Windows 10

    May 25,2018

  • Artur
    Feels cheap
    Works pretty good with Windows 10. Can't imagine using other devices.
    But price is too high related to the product. Plastic is cheap in touch. User manual is short and general.
    Receiver dongle is stored across battery compartment so can't be together with batteries.

    Mar 26,2019

  • Nedko
    briliant remote
    Very good remote. Designed for Win 10 but also work with Android TV Box (air-mouse; keyboard; back; home)
    IR learning is great option
    I love it

    Sep 17,2018

  • webnt.RO
    The best of remote in the world
    It's the best remote control ever. It works perfectly to control a PC with win 10 installed. I also configured the buttons for TV, Amplifier, Receiver.
    I recommend it and I think I'll buy one more. It's too good and the price is super OK.

    Oct 14,2019

  • Carlo
    Perfect remote
    I received the item in 9 days (Italy). The device is well built and runs smoothly with no issues at all. It even works with windows 7 but you'll miss some nice functions. I love It!

    Sep 07,2019

  • Klon-L6
    The best HTPC remote control
    I bought this remote control for my HTPC windiws 10 64-bit. Also what i needed was to wake up HTOC from hybernation S4 by this remite control. All what i neede woring perfectly. I Recomended this RC ;)

    Feb 11,2019

  • Flowerpower
    What an incredible presentation remote, it feel great in the hand, all the buttons are very responsive and the laser work great and is quite a powerful laser

    Jun 20,2018

  • Francisco
    Exelente comando para Windows 10
    Comando para media center 5* para ser usado com windows 10.
    Muito boa qualidade de construção.
    Funciona perfeitamente com toda as mais importantes funções do Windows10 e sem precisar de rato ou teclado, este é um acessório indispensável,recomendo!!!

    Oct 16,2018