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  • Band Era
    very nice. дуже гарна
    Easy to setup (Plug and Play).Good material.portable. The touch pad is precise, the keyboard has good feedback and you can hear a click when you press on it. also works with my samsung note (with an adapter usb to micro usb)
    Have a stand-by function.

    Легко встановлюється (Plug and Play). з якісного матеріалу. тачпад працює добре. клавіатура якісна і з хорошою віддачею, зі звуком. Підключився до мого Самсунг Ноут . Має Stand-by функцію, виходить з якої, при натисканні на любу кнопку (крім touchpad і joystick )

    semplice da installare (Plug and Play). è fatto da una plastica di buona qualità. touchpad funziona bene peccato però che non è multi-touch. la tastiera è molto comoda ed ha un feedback abbastanza buono, si sente pure un click. Funziona bene con il mio samsung . la funzione Stand-by fa risparmiare la batteria (basta clicckare su un buttone e si accende di nuovo)

    input: 5V 300mA max.Operating Voltage: 3.3V
    no ALT button only AltGr
    без АLT
    senza ALT
    p.s. Touchpad is not multi-touch

    Dec 15,2016

  • Angelo
    a real surprise
    I honestly do not think it could work well instead I have to say it was a nice surprise.
    the buttons are very good, excellent touch pad sensitivity, works without problems on windows, TVBOX, tablets and smartphones.
    the stick is the most original thing, replaces the directional arrows, and emulators Android and windows (mame) works as joypad, after making a good setting in the application.
    A must have!
    none of relevant

    Nov 29,2016

  • Alberto
    Damn useful!!
    I had little confidence in the product, but it is amazing.
    With this keyboard can control a TV box minix neo x7, a more orange and raspberry.
    The pad is precise to the touch, the keyboard is very good and has good feedback.
    No one

    Dec 03,2016

  • Anton
    Good keyboard for small price
    keyboard works for me at home good on my ubuntu 15.10 (linux), windows10 and android 4.4 machines. keyboard feels good construction. This is my second keyboard of viboton. First one is used buy my son for gaming (6 months now) and still works OK.
    my wife does not like the color.

    Jan 12,2016

  • Carlos A.
    Viboton Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard
    Excellent keyboard, works fine with my raspberry pi.
    the buttons are very good, excellent touch pad sensitivity, works without problems on windows, TVBOX, tablets and smartphones.
    Good construction

    Jun 01,2018

  • Clay
    Viboton Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard perfect
    good tv box multifunction computer keyboard Android the description corresponds to that published by GearBest from good quality price and fast shipping
    thank you
    no problem

    Jun 03,2016

  • juan irusta
    awfully good
    Enables me to carry out my search at high speed writing, on the keyboard and you do not need to point to the monitor as you to connect via Bluetooth, you can do so at any place

    Dec 02,2016

  • Rui
    Works great, until you drop it
    I was having fun with this item. It worked great, especially the track pad, useful to navigate through the menus. The keyboard also worked great
    Until my toddler dropped from the top of his 60cm, onto a carpet. It stopped working, and when I shake it, I ear a loose piece inside. So I can't give it a positive review, because of the poor quality.

    Jan 22,2017

  • Carlos
    nice design, the keyboard works great in all ways. the touchpad is quite accurate and sensitive too and the joystick is handy if you want to play.
    I bought this for my TV box and so far I'm very pleased with it.
    has no background lightning, makes it hard to use when is totally dark.
    no rechargeable battery from USB, only supports AAA batteries, which for me is no issue since I use rechargeable.
    this 2 points I already knew before I buy it, so can't be called defects but more things I wish it had

    Jul 21,2018

  • Davide Dallocchio
    I bought two. one for me, one for my brother. I thought there was interference but no. Both work well and are very comfortable and lightweight. I recommend this

    Jan 07,2017