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  • Heiko
    Works with MacBook Air 13" 2013
    This cable works perfectly fine with MacBook Air 13" Mid-2013 1.3 GHz – both USB-C wall chargers and USB-C power banks. The original Magsafe 2 charger is rated at 45W.1. Original 45W MacBook Air Magsafe 2 charger: 42W 14.37V2. Original 60W MacBook Pro Magsafe 2 charger: 39W 16.39V3. Quntis 60W USB-C PD output charger: 37W 19.66V4. Original 30W MacBook Air USB-C charger: charging started a few times but cut out after a few seconds5. Ravpower 20100 mAh 45W USB-C PD power bank: 35W 19.74V6. Floureon 26800 mAh 60W USB-C PD power bank: 30.13W 19.66VI can safely say that this cabe does exactly what it's supposed to. Don't try to use any chargers or power banks that put out less than 45W. Bear in mind that the higher the battery percentage, the lower the charge rate, so all of the working power sources are nearly identical in the real world (charging time).

    Aug 20,2019

  • JM
    Works fine after few days
    It works as it is supposed to after few days of testing.Using it on "MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)".On an "Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter".It works fine but is not as powerfull as the original 85W.It takes to charge and when I'm working on large files that need a lot of process power it gradually but slowly discharges the battery. Meaning that probably the cable is not providing enough power to the laptop.I believe that it works great as a second charger, one that you keep in your bag for travel and meetings.

    Mar 15,2019

  • Daniele
    Ottima qualità, prodotto CONSIGLIATISSIMO!!
    Il cavo è ben costruito, non dà l'impressione di potersi rompere o spezzare (nonostante di aspetto somigli molto a quello di apple).carica il mio macbook pro 13" retina in maniera perfetta.sul cavo è presente pure un gommino (come quello che si trova sui cavi magsafe 2 originali di apple), molto utile per tenerlo arrotolato quando lo si deve trasportare.Era da tempo che cercavo una soluzione più compatta del caricatore classico di apple e grazie a questo cavo adesso uso un solo trasformatore con più attacchi USB e USB-C con il quale riesco a caricare tutti i miei dispositivi.

    May 31,2019

  • Marcin
    MagSafe 2 z diodą sygnalizującą ładowanie do MacBook'ów
    Osobiście używam do ładowania MacBook'a Air 2017 za pomocą ładowarek / zasilaczy od Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (65W) oraz MacBook Pro 13 2018 Touch Bar (61W), ładowanie przebiega prawidłowo. Największą zaletą jest fakt, że do ładowania MacBook'a ze złączem MagSafe 2 można używać ładowarek od Apple oraz innych producentów a kabel można odpiąć od ładowarki podczas transportu. Jestem w 100% zadowolony z zakupu, polecam sklep GearBest.

    Apr 12,2019

  • kukuruser
    Good cable
    I ordered this cable for my ZMI PowerBank 20000The cable has good quality and enough length. It charges my MacBook 13 pretty good. Thank you, seller.

    May 22,2019

  • alex
    Great product, many thanks for selling it!
    Have searched for this product everywhere in the internet. Gearbest is the only shop selling it, therefore many thanks for this item! The cable is stable, quality and haptic comparable with apple original cables. It works perfectly with new apple usb-c charger combined with macbook pro late 2013.

    Mar 07,2019

  • simaa
    good as in ad and work good long enagh color good and everything is good delivered good

    May 03,2019

  • Costi
    Great product
    Great delivery, good price and a great product. Now I am able to recharge my MacBook Air using a power bank .

    Jun 11,2019

  • Makasa60
    Isb c to magsafe
    Fine kable. It feals good and firm. I hope it will works fine for years

    Sep 05,2019

  • Dan
    Great product
    This thing actually works and charges my Macbook Air with the full 45W. Very cool! Length and quality is exactly like the original cable.

    Aug 04,2019