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  • Mantas Mika
    Quality ok. Charges fast and good. Made ok. Still working correctly. Highly recommended store. Fast delivery and good quality products.

    Apr 28,2017

  • ssssssss

    Mar 28,2018

  • Nicola
    battery charger
    -it charge very fast
    -it is possible to charge 4 batteries
    -it is possible to charge all types of 18650 batteries
    -one battery didn't charge so i have to open the charger and weld one cable

    Apr 25,2018

  • Alessandro
    low cost charger
    this battery charger is a product that fully reflects its price, resistant plastic but of low quality, does its duty and despite the continuous use continues to work very well
    as previously mentioned, the plastic is of low quality, the socket if not inserted correctly does not load, does not allow to see the charge level but a simple red light when it is charging and a green when it has completed the charge

    Jun 09,2018

  • garry
    I have used this 18650 battery charger for over a year and it has not failed me yet. It has charged aver time and in short time. I even bought another one for a backup. It is a great value and shipping was great.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Pasquale
    Perfect Charger
    Fast Recharging
    Red Light when charging
    Green Light 100% Charge complete
    Very useful
    Slow recharge with more than two batteries

    May 13,2017

  • Kiss László
    Hungary, Heves megye
    Pontosan arra való amire kitalálták, vagyis a 18650 aksik töltésére.
    Adnak hozzá egy "travel adaptor"-t ami nekem nem nyerte el a tetszésem, így egy laza mozdulattal a gyári csatlakozót levágtam, és egy újjal pótoltam.
    Még nem tapasztaltam ilyet.

    Apr 02,2018

  • Gianluca
    Caricatore Funzionale
    Caricatore funzionale ed efficente.
    Ottimo il risultato sia con carica parziale di poche batterie che con tutte e quattro.
    Il prodotto è buono e valido e il rapporto qualità prezzo è ottimo.
    Arrivato con adattatore per il ns paese.
    nessuno dopo mesi di utilizzo

    Jul 25,2018

  • Ivan
    wonder charger
    Very good charger. Takes about 4,5-5 hours for battery full charge. Gearbest sent me EU adapter for free. Thank you friends!
    No so far.

    Mar 17,2017

  • Pieter
    Slow charger
    Eu plug included for free.
    Does its job but you need patience.
    Red leds for charging, green for full.
    Charges very slow, with 4 high mah batteries it took about 16 hours to charge fully.
    Won't shut off when full.
    Build quality feels really poor.
    LEDs will burn if batteries are inside and not plugged in.

    Nov 02,2017