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  • Anatolii
    I love Ugreen Chinese brand which makes high-quality products. I like all: shipping, package, construction. Thank Gearbest.

    Jul 01,2019

  • Syed R. Urrehman
    This was a life saver over the summer at a week long camping trip where power was very limited, Anker builds great products for a great price and I've never had a single problem with any of their products

    Sep 05,2018

  • MikeTheOne42
    Does exactly what it's supposed to do but a little overpriced
    Does exactly what it's supposed to do but a little overpriced. It came in a plastic little box , and it fits great with my keys as it has a little grip on it that can be attached to the key chain.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Rustin Buffington
    Great product but I just don't use it enough because I don't remember to take it with me lol but it does charge quick last a long time and I can power multiple devices with it

    Mar 26,2018

  • Cantellos
    Ben fatto, ottimo design, prezzo un po' troppo alto
    Quest'adattatore si comporta bene, il design è molto bello e elegante e il laccio per legarlo può tornare molto utile. Peccato per il prezzo un po' troppo alto, si trovano adattatori ugualmente funzionanti a minor prezzo anche se di livello leggermente inferiore a livello di estetica.

    Jan 11,2019

  • BlackarrowZ
    Sturdy little Micro USB to USB-C
    Perfect little connector to keep with for when your wife doesn't have her charging lead with her but your have your micro-usb one :)

    Very handy!

    Dec 08,2018

  • Marlon Gomez
    Awesome product, High quality build and charges all my mobile devices quickly, but that is totally acceptable due to it's power capability

    May 26,2018

  • Filippo
    Comodissimo adattatore per cavo type c! Mi permette di utilizzare tutti quelli già in mio possesso senza doverli cambiare! Utile anche per quando si è in giro potendo ricaricare senza problemi anche dovendo usare caricabatterie non di proprietà

    Jan 16,2019

  • Amilcar Tu帽on
    I prefer Anker over other brands and will continue to buy their products because they are durable and well made

    Oct 01,2018

  • Bryan K.McCammon
    Hate having to keep two types of cables just for micro-USB charging of this otherwise up-to-date product

    Apr 26,2018