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    I love this trash can.
    Wow, this trash can is amazing. I just started use it couple days ago, so far the best part is absolutely no odor coming out. In addition, we don't smell anything at all. The color is nice and it looks good in my room. Very easy to pull out so contents can be emptied in the compost bin. You wave your hand over the top and it flies open, then you drop in your trash and it flies shut. You don't touch a thing. The size is pretty reasonable not too big but definitely able to hold a lot of garbage.

    Nov 27,2019

  • Sebastian
    Exactly what i need
    The perfect size I was looking for. The containers of other containers are too large to handle garbage and recycling at the same time. I searched in stores and online for months because I was so. In the end, I found this gem. I must say it's a bit expensive, but it looks good in the kitchen and it's exactly what I'm looking for! This is simple and practical, and I am very happy with the purchase. This may be too small for a large family, but it is perfect for my small family. Good job simple!

    Nov 25,2019

  • T. Lyssy
    Quality trash can
    This is a high quality trash can. I have two such trash cans-one in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen. Both work well and build good trash cans. Easy to clean. This is exactly what I was looking for. My kitchen is small so I can see my trash can. This is the perfect size and looks elegant. At first, I was worried that the garbage side was too small, but it wasn't. This is perfect for me for the amount of garbage I have to deal with.

    Nov 23,2019

  • J&J
    Works and looks great!
    Perfect size, perfect function. We are in love with it. I have purchased two of these trash cans. I hate looking at trash and since you don't have to touch it or step on a pedal, it is quick and easy to use. The rubber ring holds the bags in place so there is no looking at the bag either. I hope it last a long time!

    Nov 23,2019

  • Vito_jr
    Work well for me
    It can hold a considerable amount of garbage without taking up a lot of floor space. I would recommend these to those who are looking for simple and stylish trash cans.

    Nov 26,2019

  • N. Campbell
    Good results
    Make sure to keep a few inches away from the wall behind, as it will automatically open the lid for you when you're done, filling the trash bag.

    Nov 23,2019

  • Timothy G.
    Perfect for a little space.
    This is just the perfect size to put between our bathtub and toilet, I use grocery bags and they are perfect for / work.

    Nov 24,2019

  • hooah
    Amazing Waste Bin!
    Works and functions just as expected! Great job! I will be buying more for my office.

    Nov 22,2019

  • Evgeny Zachary
    Make garbage fun
    The space is small, a bit like a bathroom trash can. Also suitable for bedrooms.

    Nov 22,2019

  • OrlandoMFS
    So Cool!
    I’m extremely pleased with it, the functions, the way it works, and the price.

    Nov 21,2019