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  • bilal
    review about bracelet wristband for xiaomi mi band 3
    the wristband fits perfectly on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. It gets tight and stays snugly over time.The material seems to be remarkably similar to the original one provided in the box. I have been using it for the past 7 days, and I haven't felt any allergies or any funky odors from normal usage, doing sports, taking it for a swim, etc.The only minor things clients should be aware of is that the central lateral part where the watch fits seem to be slightly thinner and more fragile than the original ones. I don't think this will pose any significant issues, but it may be something to consider while it ages. The other aspect one should be aware of is that the camouflage print sometimes seems to be slightly blurred which is probably due to the application of the different color tones. If you are considering clear and razor-sharp patterns, you may be a bit disappointed.Overall, 4 out of 5.

    Feb 10,2019

  • Чиб
    В целом - отлично
    Подошел к Mi band 3 хорошо. Сам девайс плавно переходит в ремешок без ступенек и перепадов - идеально.
    За такую цену - замечательно.
    Оригинальный ремешок прожил 11 месяцев, посмотрим на этот...

    Правда есть разница по сравнению с оригинальным ремешком:
    - резина немного тоньше, особенно заметно ближе к девайсу;
    - посадочное кольцо куда вставляется фитнес трекер здесь инородное (вплавлено или приклеено), а в оригинале - монолит (часть ремешка, отлитая по форме);
    - кнопка защелки здесь может ходить ходуном, в оригинале - нет.

    Jan 08,2020

  • Thodoris
    Wristband review - VFM
    A total value for money purchase. Always taking into consideration the product's value, I would totally recommend it. My experience with the original wristband provided with the Mi Band 3 was that it was cut in multiple places in a matter of 7-8 months, so it was unusable. This however, although someone could argue that is of poorer quality plastic, seems to be a harder material, and I expect it will be more difficult for it to develop the same problem as the original

    Nov 26,2019

  • Euler
    Very Good!
    Very good product! It fulfilled the expectations, both in time and in quality. Gearbest, as always, being the best store to buy overseas. Super recommend both the product and the store! I recommend to Brazilians to buy by BR-Express because besides being the fastest means for delivery, the package is not taxed in those R$ 15 from the Correios.

    Mar 10,2019

  • BR
    Excelente pulseira.
    Só achei um pouco difícil de tirar a Mi Band (quem tem a Mi Band 3 sabe que é meio chatinho pra fazer isso), mas de resto a qualidade é muito boa.
    Achei o material muito bom, não perde em nada pra original.
    Entrega foi bem rápida

    Apr 24,2019

  • Ótimo CxB
    Logicamente não se compara com a original, mas levando em conta o preço vale super a pena pois o material dessa também não deixa a desejar em nada, veio muito bem embalada e demorou 3 meses para ser entregue.

    Pontos fortes:
    - Ótimo encaixe para a MiBand
    - Fica presa perfeitamente no braço
    - Material de qualidade (mesmo não sendo original)
    - Cor fiel ao anuncio

    Pontos fracos:

    Apr 23,2019

  • BR
    Excelente pulseira.
    Só achei um pouco difícil de tirar a Mi Band (quem tem a Mi Band 3 sabe que é meio chatinho pra fazer isso).
    Achei, mas de resto a qualidade é muito boa.
    Achei o material muito bom, não perde em nada pra original.

    Apr 16,2019

  • Radu
    Nice contrast
    I just got the bracelet by post, it looks and feels exactly like the original. it actually looks much better on white them black, it stands out.

    I highly recommend this product to any wristband owners,thank you!

    No cons

    Jan 21,2019

  • Juan
    Pulsera de Silicona
    buena calidad
    excelente precio
    bonito diseño
    proceso de pago rapido
    buen empaquetado
    Todo llego sin ningún golpe.

    ninguno. El envio tardo mas de lo planeado pero fue problema de la paqueteria.
    Todo lo demas fue muy rapido tanto el proceso de pago como el despacho de los productos.

    Apr 26,2019

  • Roni Monte
    Excelente qualidade
    Excelente qualidade de construção, durabilidade e cores vibrantes.Pulseiras possuem encaixe perfeito, material qualidade AAA, a mi band fica perfeita, muito semelhante as originais.
    Excellent build quality, durability and vibrant colors. Bracelets have perfect fit, AAA quality material, the mi band stays perfect, very similar to the originals.

    Mar 28,2019