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  • Adam
    Slight improvement over the known 4000mAh 15A variant
    According to a few tests, this battery can hold its voltage slightly better during discharge, than the already known 4000mAh 15A variant (Shockli wraps that with 20A max current rating).

    Battery wrap feels relatively sturdy, and color is nice (not significant consideration, but nah).

    Please ignore (delete) my previous 1-star rating, it was clicked by mistake!

    Nov 29,2018

  • Bast77
    Shockli 21700 4550mAh (Purple)
    Для бокс мода для парения похоже подойдут до 30-50вт. 21700 4550mAh (Purple) 2018 UK.html
    Аккумуляторы имеют большую емкость и могут выдавать довольно высокий ток, это похоже на хорошие батареи.

    Aug 31,2019

  • Aff
    Great high capacity 21700 batteries!
    These unprotected batteries fit my Fireflies E07 perfect and lasts a long time. Genuine great batteries that I am very happy with. And I could easily recommend them for everyone looking for good 21700 cells. They fit my Xtar VC4 charger as well. Great product!

    May 12,2019

  • Wojtek
    Shockli 21700
    Everything is almost good. I received the order after 18 days. The description is that it contains two additional wraps. I received only one wrap. It's hard to survive somehow. Still, I'm happy. Recommend.

    Oct 30,2019

  • kenshi.kun
    Good batteries
    Comes with two protective cases, and two spare plastic sleeves. Build quality seems good, and electrically surpasses the avatar 4000mAh 21700 battery I have, so overall good for use in a single battery mod.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Pal
    Real capacity.
    I ordered this purple battery 2 times. Not disappointed. Good capacity values measured after the 1st charge. Recommended.

    Oct 26,2019

  • HydrAxx
    Excellent Batteries!
    The 21700 cells have an excellent performance / capacity / price, their evaluation from Shockli is almost exact: These are rewraps the 21700 cell in model Lishen LR2170SF (improved LR2170SA - [4000mAh 20A Continuous]) that actually 4500mAh nominal and 22.5A continuous (5C).

    Dec 05,2018

  • Istvan
    Very good high capacity batteries.
    Very good product. High capacity and high current both continuous and peek. It is a highly recommended product.

    Nov 11,2018

  • Ricardo Marques
    good bargain
    within the expected time
    incredibly package
    very powerful battery
    great flashligth
    nice design
    I recommend

    Jan 10,2020

  • oakheath
    large size
    well packed and arrived safe. good batteries true to specs, to large diameter for most of my 21700 flashlights.

    Oct 02,2019