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  • Alex
    Arrived to Kyiv less than in 3 weeks. Packed only in polyethylene and weak paper boxes. Contains 5 cree-look leds. Lamps are longer than other I've seen before. Shines not bad, 1000lm its maybe the summ of all leds together. Working temperature less than 50° Celsius, I catched 48 max. No smell or smoke from the body like has my previous lamps. One issue - leds have bulbs inside, but there is no according to light power

    Jul 25,2019

  • Олег
    Sencart T10 25W 1000LM
    Приехали и работают. Греются до 50-60 град(палец нормально терпит) Белый свет-чуть с зеленцой. Потребление: при 12в- 100ма при 24в- 50ма Мощность лампы- 1,2 ватта (и это-жесть)
    Белый свет-чуть с зеленцой. Потребление: при 12в- 100ма при 24в- 50ма Мощность лампы- 1,2 ватта (и это-жесть)

    Feb 24,2018

  • Luiz Flavio
    lampadas PIngo t10
    great cost benefit, and aesthetic excellent for the car, with a great view, does not heat, and the light intensity is great!
    not have !

    May 31,2018

  • Андрей
    Среднее качество
    Из плюсов это цена, металлический корпус. Досвленв были в пакетике с пупыркой и в коробочке. Втакже лампочки положили в пакетик
    Одна лампа с браком. У неё все линзы с капелькой воздуха. Смотрите фото. Не рекомендую к покупке. Потуераине трек не отслеживался

    Mar 14,2018

  • Andris
    Sencart T10 led
    Good white lightNot blue like others its liltle long -my car fit but some may be notsocket can be better qualityI dont know realy is or not 1000LM, but light is ok

    Oct 27,2018

  • excellent
    Very good performances, super recommended
    1. they do not heat up too much, they are way below the heating of a normal 2. easy installation 3 low consumption, therefore the installation is best maintained 4. maintenance-free

    Feb 24,2018

  • Andris
    T10 Cree LED
    Good constructionBig alloy heat segmentFit good in T10 socketBright, but liltle green spectreI dont know really is or not 1000LM
    I dont know really is or not 1000LM

    Jun 27,2018

  • Ramanan R
    Not pure white
    Good quality, bright, works great as park lamp. Pic 2: Better than stock yellow bulb.
    Not pure white. Pic 1: Its yellowish white compared to 6000K.

    Sep 19,2017

  • codexedoc
    great lamp
    The lamp is really strong, but the build quality isn't very good.Also, I ordered two white lamps, but one has arrived light yellow... GB already refound me.

    Nov 21,2018

  • Per Dlinnomer
    Sencart T10 25W 1000LM 5 х CREE
    Не дорого, соответствуют описанию, светят как галогенки, на габариты и задний ход
    Доставка долгая, больше месяца в моск.обл

    Sep 15,2016