DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV


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Algemene kenmerken:
Opgewonden FPV-ervaring
De 5MP 720P-camera en 2 antennes zorgen ervoor dat de high-definition beeldoverdracht in realtime wordt uitgevoerd. De drone ondersteunt de VR-headset om u een meeslepende FPV-kijkervaring te bieden. En de vliegtijd is maximaal 13 minuten.
HD-video's en foto's maken
HD 5MP 720P-camera + elektronische beeldstabilisatietechnologie en intel-processor helpen bij het vastleggen van consistent heldere beelden, legt het mooie moment vast met heldere en scherpe foto's. De EZ-opnamemodus legt gecoördineerde korte video's vast met Circle, 360 en UP en Away voor een leuke foto-ervaring.
Leren programmeren
Uw kinderen zullen elementaire programmeerkennis leren via het MIT-ontwikkelde coderingssysteem.
●Auto takeoff / landing greatly simplify the operation
●Low battery protection, and failsafe protection modes for safe flight

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Merk: DJI
Type: quadcopter
Kenmerken: WiFi APP-besturing,WiFi FPV
functies: Camera,Luchtfotografie,Continu opnemen,Faalveilig,Vooruit achteruit,FPV,Bescherming tegen lage spanning,Rollen,Draai links rechts,Op neer,Wifi verbinding
Size: Klein
Maximale snelheid: 8m / s
Niveau: Beginnersniveau


Afstandsbediening: WiFi-afstandsbediening
Kanaal: 4-kanalen
Radiomodus: WiFi-APP
Compatibel met aanvullende Gimbal: Nee
FPV-afstand: 100m


Accu: 3.8V 1100mAh
Tijd om te vliegen: 10-13mins

Dimensie en gewicht

Productgewicht: 0,0800 kg
Pakket gewicht: 0.3300 kg
Productgrootte (L x B x H): 9,80 x 9,25 x 4,10 cm / 3,86 x 3,64 x 1,61 inch
Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 20,20 x 23,70 x 5,10 cm / 7,95 x 9,33 x 2,01 inch


Verpakkingsinhoud: 1 x RC Drone, 4 x paar propellers, 2 x paar propellerbeschermingen, 3 x batterij, 1 x propellerverwijderingshulpprogramma
DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV- White EU Plug, 3 Batteries
DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV- White EU Plug, 3 Batteries
DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV- White EU Plug, 3 Batteries
DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV- White EU Plug, 3 Batteries
DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV- White EU Plug, 3 Batteries
DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV- White EU Plug, 3 Batteries

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4.8 out of 5
  • 190
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  • ing_davide
    Ottimo drone da addestramento
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 1 Battery
    Il drone è di ottima qualità, abbastanza fluido nella dinamica dei movimenti e con una buona stabilizzazione elettronica che non fa rimpiangere l’assenza di un GPS. Buone (anche se non eccezionali) le foto in alta qualità e le riprese video. Tuttavia, le piccole dimensioni e il leggerissimo peso (80g) ne rendono sconsigliabile l’utilizzo in presenza di vento di pur minima intensità, dove si rischia di perdere il controllo del velivolo. Consigliata caldamente la disponibilità di batterie aggiuntive (con autonomia di volo di circa 10 minuti ciascuna) e l’uso di un controller o di un range extender per migliorare la stabilità del segnale Wi-Fi. Il drone non integra supporti per memorie esterne, e il salvataggio dei media avviene direttamente sul dispositivo. L’applicazione nativa è abbastanza semplice e intuitiva, e i controlli di volo sono particolarmente semplici da manovrare. L’aggiornamento firmware all’ultima versione consente l’impostazione dell’altezza massima entro un limite di 30 metri (raggiungibili soltanto previa estensione della copertura Wi-Fi). Da segnalare, allo stato attuale, che l’applicazione non salva le impostazioni dell’utente alla chiusura. Prestate attenzione alla modalità di decollo throw&go, e contate bene i secondi dopo aver selezionato il comando e prima di lanciare in volo il drone. Decisamente più piacevole è invece l’atterraggio sul palmo della mano. In definitiva, per il prezzo d’acquisto, mi ritengo abbastanza soddisfatto del prodotto, e lo consiglierei come drone da addestramento per principianti amatori.

    Sep 12,2018 22:42:42

    Was this review helpful?

  • Giorgio
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 1 Battery
    Ho acquistato il Tello perché volevo prendere mano con un drone. quello che volevo era che fosse facile da pilotare, stabile, che avesse la possibilità di fare foto e video accettabili. Il Tello è esattamente questo. Soddisfattissimo dell'acquisto dopo un potresti sentire la mancanza di una batteria aggiuntiva, i 12 minuti che dura passano in fretta. Un neo ma che non è assolutamente un difetto del prodotto è che a causa delle dimensioni e del peso ridotto risente tanto del vento anche leggero ma il problema è risolvibile solo con droni di ben altra stazza. Ne consiglio l'utilizzo con un wifi extender che garantisce un miglioramento netto della distanza raggiungibile ed una migliore qualità video video. Peccato il fatto che registri direttamente nel telefono, una SD interna sarebbe stata tutta un'altra cosa. Nonostante questo lo ricomprerei anche domani.

    Oct 05,2018 06:46:14

    Was this review helpful?

  • Nitenurce
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 1 Battery
    I bought this mini drone as a first step/entry into drone flying, i've been successfully zipping around my front yard and house on the lower speed settings, but once this is done flight is relatively easy, I imagine this will translate over to drones with better hovering abilities, instructions were fairly clear and very straight forward, I liked this enough to order in a few more batteries and replacement rotors, because the motors are small and can easily burn out if you run it hard, they had a new drone out to me immediately, they didn't even mention leaving feedback until the new drone was already on the way

    Sep 19,2018 09:46:50

    Was this review helpful?

  • Александр
    Good hi-tech stuff for beginers
    Color:White Size:CN Plug, 1 Battery
    - small, lightweight - Hower using Vision positioning system(suits for flying indoors) - Can be used as a selfie drone - Easy to use application - Can be programmed with Scratch - No special charger needed (it charges from an ordinary micro USB charger rated 5V, 1.5A at least) - preintstalled propellers and propellers guards - flexible propellers(it will let them live longer :-))Added Adobe Reader screenshot - how to print users manual
    - there is no Russian user's manual;- only Chinese quick start guide in the box- a little bit expensive

    Aug 04,2018 15:19:57

    Was this review helpful?

  • Omar K
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 3 Batteries
    This is a cool little drone, it's fairly durable for its size and I haven't had a problem with the rotors locking up like I've had with other smaller drones that I've purchased or played with, the one complaint I have about this product is that the remote control seem unnecessarily large, the feature set on the drone is great though, it has headless mode which I never use, it has trim for all directions that the drone can drift so you can get it fairly stable, the battery seems to keep up with it so you get about the same flight time as other similar products

    Jul 26,2018 08:05:49

    Was this review helpful?

  • MQuon
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 1 Battery
    They do a great job of providing a good product at a reasonable price, it is a great quadcopter as far as handling, both of these blink their lights to indicate low battery and then give more than ample time to bring them back in before they shut off, I think this quick shut-off is a real problem with this unit, now I take a little digital timer with me and set it for a reasonable flight time, then bring the unit back in close to me for the rest of the flight because I know it's going to drop almost as soon as the lights start blinking

    Sep 16,2018 15:46:43

    Was this review helpful?

  • Roltii
    Lovely little drone
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 1 Battery
    This drone is incredibly stable in the air, the photo quality is really good and the video is also acceptable. I recommend to use a Mi Wifi repeater, and the video becomes much better. Setup is easy and it can do various maneuvers in the air with only pressing a button. The flying is pretty easy but if you fail to navigate properly, it won't break instantly, it seems to be quite durable!Overall this is a really great Drone and really worth the money! Thank you Gearbest!

    Sep 11,2018 08:43:00

    Was this review helpful?

  • Jorge
    El drone es una pasada.
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 3 Batteries
    Es el primer drone medio serio que tengo y debo decir que ha superado lis espectativas. La calidad en las fotos es mas que buenas y los videos no se puede pedir mas por su precio. La estabilizacion de video es una pasada y con el tamaño que tiene es muy compacto y tiene mucha fuerza para luchar contra el.viento aunque sus motores sean de escobillas. No le encuentro pegas de momento, estoy encantado con el. Simplemente por pedir seria sacar un drone con 1080p de camara y la misma estabilizscion aunque eso haria que aumentase su precio. Muy recomendable.

    Sep 13,2018 08:10:24

    Was this review helpful?

  • Amanda Marcello
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 3 Batteries
    Ready to fly right out of the box, I am a novice and it took some tries to get comfortable with the controls, I dropped this little drone numerous times to the ground with no damage, it's a real RC helicopter that gives you a way to practice and find out if you want to move up to a more powerful drone, the radio controller is comfortable to use, the power usage is spread across them all and you should get longer overall battery life, aA batteries are cheap and don't add that much weight to the controller

    Sep 25,2018 10:26:35

    Was this review helpful?

  • Angie F
    Color:White Size:EU Plug, 3 Batteries
    I am new to drones and enjoy how there are three flying modes : easy, I forgot I have been flying in easy mode, now that I am more comfortable with flying I went to intermediate and it is like a brand new experience with quicker response and better turning, I like the small size, the trim and other features were self explanatory, I look forward to getting a larger or more batteries for longer flying time, the only thing I think could be a bit easier is the disconnecting of battery to charge it

    Aug 21,2018 13:38:15

    Was this review helpful?

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