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Metal Gear 2 Sets
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Metal Gear 2 Sets

- Oranje goud 262406501

voor WLtoys 12428/12428 - A / 12428 - B / 12428 - C / 12423 RC auto
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Algemene kenmerken:
● Hoogwaardig metalen materiaal, duurzaam en antiroest
● 2 sets versnellingen
● Past voor WLtoys RC auto 12428/12428 - A / 12428 - B / 12428 - C / 12423


Algemene informatie

Type: Versnelling
Compatibel met: WLtoys 12428/12428 - A / 12428 - B / 12428 - C / 12423 RC Auto

Dimensie en gewicht

Productgewicht: 0.0300 kg
Pakket gewicht: 0,0500 kg
Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 14,00 x 10,00 x 4,00 cm / 5,51 x 3,94 x 1,57 inch


Verpakkingsinhoud: 2 x 30T differentieel, 2 x 12T aandrijfwerk, 4 x 24T differentieel planetair tandwiel, 8 x 12T differentieel asteroïde uitrusting
Metal Gear 2 Sets- Oranje goud
Metal Gear 2 Sets- Oranje goud
Metal Gear 2 Sets- Oranje goud
Metal Gear 2 Sets- Oranje goud
Metal Gear 2 Sets- Oranje goud

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4.86 out of 5
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    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    As engrenagens são moldadas e cortadas bem, mas com um leve descuido
    As engrenagens são bem cortadas e são moldadas muito bem em latão. Não há cavidades / bolhas como você pode encontrar na fundição de latão para uma torneira de jardim. Eles se movem suavemente um contra o outro e ficam em silêncio com alguma graxa automotiva de PTFE. No entanto, isso é com os parafusos desfeitos e apenas segurando as peças juntas à mão. Devido ao problema de encadernação descrito abaixo, há ruído audível alto durante a operação do caminhão. As engrenagens de nylon originais provavelmente tiveram o mesmo problema e desgastaram por causa disso, e é apenas mais perceptível por causa da dureza do bronze.
    A espessura é um pouco alta demais em todas as partes, pois eu tive que deixar os parafusos no centro do diferencial e o revestimento do diferencial bem solto para evitar a ligação das engrenagens, e mesmo com os parafusos tão soltos quanto possível, há um pouca ligação. Eu recomendo pegar algumas minúsculas arruelas para permitir espaço no centro do diferencial, e talvez arquivar a parte de trás do pinhão de entrada para baixo para que ele se encaixe perfeitamente. Os parafusos para segurar as engrenagens para os meio-eixos esquerdo e direito não são embebidos como as engrenagens de nylon originais. Isso faz com que as cabeças dos parafusos fiquem orgulhosas da engrenagem, mas ainda há folga suficiente para que elas não toquem nos pinos que as engrenagens de aranha ligam.

    Jul 11,2018

  • James
    Ja (1) Kleur: Orange Gold
    The gears are cast and cut well, but with one slight oversight.
    The gears are cut well, and are cast very nicely in brass. No cavities/bubbles like you might find in the brass casting for a garden tap. They smoothly turn against each other and are silent with some automotive PTFE grease. However that is with the screws undone and just holding parts together by hand. Due to the binding issue described below, there is loud audible noise while running the truck. The original nylon gears probably had the same issue and wore out because of it, and it's just more noticeable because of the hardness of brass.
    The thickness is a little too high on all parts, as I had to leave the screws on the diff centre and diff casing rather loose to avoid the gears binding, and even with the screws as loose as I can reasonably leave them, there is a little binding. I recommend getting some tiny washers to allow space in the diff centre, and maybe filing the back of the input pinion down to make it fit perfectly. The screws to hold the gears to the left and right half-axles are not countersunk like the original nylon gears. This makes the screw heads sit proud of the gear, but there is still enough clearance that they do not touch the pins that the spider gears turn on.

    Jun 10,2018

  • Jan
    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    They look very done, unfortunately, yesterday I refurbished the decks on the plastic cladding so they will wait for the next failure.

    Wyglądają na wykonane bardzo startannie, niestety wczoraj wyremontowałem dyfry na platikowych zebatkach więc te poczekają na montarz do następnej awarii.
    Jak na razie nie widzę wad, zastanawiam sie tyko co kolejne urwie sie po wzmocnieniu mostow...

    Jun 15,2018

  • scanikwwo
    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    Metal gears for differential WLTOYS 12428
    Ordered one set to make my WLToys more reliable, as the motor can shred the plastic ones quite easily. These are made of good quality metal but need some run-in when installed as they mesh up really tight. I used some graphite grease for about 30 minutes of running and they are more quiet and meshed up properly atm.

    Dec 03,2018

  • Durandal
    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    Nice quality and looks durable, but doesn't quite fit...
    Looks solid and durable, I would say that it is some kind of sintered steel.
    It is much harder than some zinc gears on some similar RCs, and much much tougher than stock weak plastic gears.
    Been on a few drives, seems durable and tough, for now.
    The problem is, although it seems identical to plastic gears by dimension, it is slightly too big and rigid, so the mesh is way too tight, needs modifying.
    The mesh is worst on pinion/ring gear. Pinion back side needs grinding off at least half a mm.
    Sun and pinion gears need some chamfering and a slight diameter reduction. In one case , it was also needed to remove metal shim betweeen ring gear and one sun gear.
    Ring gears also had some teeth partially damaged, probably in manufacturing.

    Jul 26,2018

  • wltoys
    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    Metal gear sets
    It’s a little bit to big so you have to losen 4 screws in differential basket and also you can’t apply to much power when you are screwing front diff cover, cause you can simply lock gears between each other. It could be better sized in comparison to original gears.

    Dec 12,2018

  • Yuri A
    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    шестерни для 12428
    Нормальные "дешевые" шестерни. Полный набор для замены. думаю проживут больше чем пластик (время покажет) Видно что литые а не точёные. Цена так себе. Были бы фрезированные были бы дороже....
    Литые а не точёные. Могли бы стоить и подешевле в оправдание слабого качества.
    На фотках видны сколы от формы для литья... Также есть дефекты на внутренних поверхностях втулок.

    Jul 21,2018

  • Robert
    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    Metal gear for 12428 wltoys rc car
    price is good with GearBest points used, seems good craftmanship, lightweight, 2 sets, hope it will work without lots of work to install
    dont know, have to install it first

    Jul 06,2018

  • Granddad Stinky
    Ja (0) Kleur: Orange Gold
    I've bought this for future use, so I have spares in stock. It does look exactly the same as the parts on the car, so I'm happy.
    Delivery was a little slow but it doesn't matter when parts are this cheap.

    Aug 08,2018

  • Stanley
    Ja (1) Kleur: Orange Gold
    zebatki wydają się ok jeszcze nie miałem okazji ich wymieniać

    May 24,2018

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