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  • C. F. Crowe
    The original flush lever in the toilet in our apartment finally rusted completely but all of the other parts were in good condition and didn't need to be replaced and broke in half so I decided to buy this, picking a random replacement flush lever was a slight risk, i can't ask for anything more in a flush lever

    Mar 08,2018

  • NewsMoth
    While there were quite a few deformed and unusable ones in the pack I got there's so many in the pack and it was such a great price that it doesn't really matter

    May 03,2018

  • angeebee
    Decent quality and the only drawback is that the description doesn't indicate the diameter of the hole in the tank it will fit and it's too small for mine

    Jan 28,2018

  • m. heiman
    You should ensure the length of the metal piece attached to the lever is at least as long as the piece you are replacing inside the toilet bowl

    Oct 09,2018

  • Elizabeth Bonecher-Brenaman
    It's after market so it doesn't exactly look perfect with my toilet and the fit is it jiggly but my toilet flushes so what more can I ask for

    Feb 04,2018

  • TarotMom
    Excellent Replacement Flush Lever, all metal so no more plastic cracking where the plastic rod meets the metal flush lever

    Jun 11,2018

  • Eva Urey
    Pandahalll always produces high quality items that I feel confident buying online, the gold color is a little off

    Jun 18,2018

  • kenneth j. pulliam
    Needed to replace the toilet handle of my old toilet since it had plastic pieces in it still old design that broke

    Mar 31,2018

  • Ivan Araya
    This flush lever is high quality, you are looking for a standard replacement flush lever look no farther

    May 14,2018

  • scott bogner
    My new lever looks and works great.It was easy to install and looks way better than the old one

    Aug 24,2018