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  • John Carter
    starsHas it's uses - not for expensive knives
    The ceramic rods (the white sticks) are OK to quickly touch up a slightly dull blade-they are not designed to "sharpen" a dull blade (which needs a proper grindstone or proprietary sharpener ). It would take forever to regrind a blunt blade to sharpness using the ceramic rods - they are too fine - but this is not a criticism as this isn't what they are designed for. At any rate they are too fine to cause any major damage.

    The carbide cutters (the black blades) are designed to quickly sharpen a blunt blade, which they do by scraping metal from the blade, which is then finished off using the ceramic rods.This might work for some knives, particularly cheap ones, but never risk them on a good blade as you might well gouge a chunk out of the cutting edge. If you have a good quality knife which you can't risk spoiling, investigate proper methods for sharpening, or get it sharpened professionally.

    Apr 02,2018

  • Good
    Покупал по распродаже из телеграмм канала @chinagoodbuy Круто! Хорошая точилка, брал маме на кухню, чтоб если ножи затупились, можно было подточить быстренько! Удобная, подтачивает ножи, не идеально точит, но вполне не плохо!
    Для моих целей подходит. Видео тут -

    Bought on sale from telegrams channel @chinagoodbuy Cool! A good sharpener, took my mom to the kitchen, so that if the knives were blunt, you could quickly sharpen! Comfortable, undermines knives, not perfect sharpens, but not quite bad!
    For my purposes suitable. The video here is

    Apr 01,2019

  • kajsi
    Celkom rychle dorucenie. Po vybaleni brusky na noze som bol trochu sklamany z prevedenia. Cela konstrukcia brusky je vyrobena z plastu. Dufam ze bol pouzity plast, ktory nieco vydrzi. Nasledne som zobral noz s malym poskodenim ostria a vyskusal som ho nabrusit. Na moje velke prekvapenie som zistil ze ta bruska ozaj funguje a dost obstojne co som v ziadnom pripade nepredpokladal. Za tie peniaze ozaj dobra kupa. Super.

    Dec 03,2018

  • Judy Starling
    5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent product and service.
    I am very glad that I chose this instead of a larger, more expensive electric model as this is perfect for my needs. It is light, easy to handle, and does the job well. You do need to run the blade through quite a few times to get the required sharpness, but that suits me.
    The customer service is outstanding - an email before it arrived giving me additional instructions, and follow up emails to ensure that all was well.
    Highly recommended.

    Apr 02,2018

  • I. R. Standish
    Well what can I say we have a few blunt knifes that we have just been struggling with so instead of buying new expensive knives we decided to try purchasing an sharpener. After sharpening the rest of our knives we are careful using them but find our knives are performing better than ever, my advice is don't buy a new knife just buy this sharpener but be very careful after sharpening blunt knives it works VERY WELL.

    Apr 01,2018

  • starsA Must For Your Kitchen
    A Must For Your Kitchen
    I bought this for my parents originally, I’m fed of cooking at their house to find drawers full of blunt, but good quality knives. I tried as soon as I received it wow, what a difference!!
    So good I’ve now bought one for myself. My wife loves it also. If you’re a keen cook, this gadget is a must for your kitchen. Simple to use just pull the knife 5 or 6 times through each stage, give it wash then slice away!

    Apr 22,2017

  • Bruce
    Makes my knives nice and sharp
    This came well within the delivery window. I have sharpened half a dozen kitchen knives so far and achieved a good sharp edge with it. My partner who was unaware I had used it remarked on the sharpness of one of the knives when cutting up vegetables with it always a good sign as she could clearly feel the improvement.For the money I think it is an excellent and very portable purchase.

    Apr 19,2017

  • Neil
    Surprised how good this is.
    My knives are in very good condition and regularly honed with a ceramic wheel. However, after a period of time I noticed that the wheel was not able to restore the knives to full sharpness. So I bought this. The knives are now back to their amazing sharpness. Very easy to use and only a light pressure is required when drawing the knife through each sharpener.

    Apr 02,2018

  • Gant
    Using tips
    As you can see, while using it, you have to fix the sharpener with one hand to make sure it is stable enough, and the other hand holds the handle and pulls it back and forth on the sharpening edge. Therefore, the security in use is controllable, and there is no need to worry about the runaway of the machine.

    Apr 01,2018

  • manni
    Kitchen Knife Sharpener
    Bin echt überrascht wie gut der Schärfer funktioniert! Echt TOP würde ich wieder kaufen.
    Einfach Messer sachte hin und her und schon wird es super scharf.
    Etwas wackelig ist die Halterung der zwei "Kunststoffscheren"

    I'm really surprised how well the sharpener works! Real TOP I would buy again.
    Just knife gently back and forth and it will be super sharp.
    Something shaky is the holder of the two "plastic scissors"

    Jun 02,2019