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  • Viktor
    Велосипедный держатель для бутылки.
    Хорошо загибается и уверенно держит бутылку 0,5 л. Качество материала отличное, на ощупь приятное. Крепится на шурупах, в комплектацию не входят. Бутылку держит очень хорошо. Спасибо продавцу.
    минусов нет.

    Sep 23,2017

  • ADaniel
    This is a great grip, It's nice to be able to quickly switch between a short hand grip for forward filming, and an extended grip for filming myself, The handle has a good weight to it and doesn't feel like it will be breaking soon

    Sep 15,2018

  • Edward Moscati
    I've used the stick several times and it worked great, The stick isn't very long -LRB- more than long enough for what I want -RRB- but I like that too ; it has three lengths -LRB- extendable parts -RRB- and they all tighten easily

    Jun 18,2018

  • Amanda
    Very happy with this product, I was looking for something for my gopro that was extendable but not something that extended too far, the price is great and I do a lot of diving in the ocean and so far

    May 09,2018

  • Brett D. Donjon
    Using this stick I was able to get my camera close to some beautiful coral and other sea life that I really didn't want to accidentally bump into, Fantastic product

    Jul 05,2018

  • Jmarr611657
    Such a sturdy material -LRB- compared to my last gopro stick -RRB-, With my old one I was always scared the stick was gon na break and i would lose my gopro

    Sep 24,2018

  • msfinni
    this is a good stick ... is you are looking for a longere one just be aware of its dimensions before buying ... i made that mistake but item is as described

    Sep 08,2018

  • David Thomson
    Product was great while I had it, The grip was fantastic as it made it comfortable in your hand and the soft wrist strap kept it tied to me

    Jul 08,2018

  • Hollz
    I bought this to be able to use my GoPro while snorkeling and it fully met my needs, The grip is comfortable and grips well wet or dry

    Aug 19,2018

  • helder
    bottle holder
    its really like gearbest photos very nice good quality

    Jan 18,2017