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  • Alexey
    Весьма качественный провод, но жесткий
    Провод приехал в оригинальном пакете Xiaomi, с необходимыми надписями. Провод довольно жесткий, но 2А проводит без проблем, вполне возможно, что и больше сможет без особых проблем. На корпусах разъемов есть шероховатости на швах, не уверен, что именно такие провода идут в комплекте к телефонам, но вполне вероятно, что кабель оригинальный.

    Nov 20,2018

  • jachu11
    Good cable
    Good Chinese cable. Conducts electricity. It has a xiaomi logo. Looks nice elegant and pure white. Finished USB type c. Losses on resistance are small. Recommended! Recommended! Recommended! Recommended!

    Nov 16,2018

  • João Antunes
    Great cable
    when i bougth my bluboo s1 it came Iwith a charger, but I would prefer to have a second one, so did go to a physical store to buy a new type c cable but none of the ones I tried worked, then I decided to order a new one from where and the cable is just perfect for my phone.

    Jul 23,2019

  • Hugo
    Works perfectly
    The cable works as I expected it to. The package says Xioami co. so it's legit, although the cable ends are slightly smaller than the cable that came with my phone, and that's pretty much the reason it doesn't have the 5 stars, I expected it to be exactly the same cable.

    Jan 13,2019

  • super deal
    Xiaomi type C cable 1m
    - super build quality- original product- works very well- perfect length- original box- very low price

    Nov 01,2018

  • Carlos F.
    Original Xiaomi Type-C Charging Data Transmission Cable
    - Fits perfectly in the charger and on the phone- Good build quality- Good length--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Aug 07,2018

  • Ivica iz zemlje crtica
    Xiaomi type c data/charge cable
    I want another cable for my Xiaomi A2 to charge at work...One use at home to charge...Fast charge is working alright so far and type c is excellent choice to fast charge your phone

    Dec 04,2018

  • Byer
    Type-C Cable
    Took 3 weeks to deliver in Georgia. Good quality product and very cheap.Length is OK Package was not damagedRecomend %

    Nov 19,2018

  • Hubert
    Xiaomi - says it all:-)
    Good Quality build, Braided USB C Cable Works great with Xiaomi. Fast charge and data package Nice quality Great price Fast shipping - two weeks, after order, in my post box in Poland. Bargain! Thanks Gearbest Staff!

    Oct 24,2018

  • Andrei
    Type C usb cable
    Hello,Very good product and very good quality...Very fast shipping...I'm using it with my Nokia 6 2018 edition and it's working just fine...

    Jun 24,2019