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  • ExplorerAtHeart
    Keyboard is the Best Part
    What else is there? Well the remainder of the case serves two purposes: to cover the tablet
    when closed and to support it as a back-stand when open. It does neither of these two things in an optimal way.
    I guess because it was new, the triangle slowly slid upwards and become undone. Three times the tablet
    fell flat back onto the table. When the case was closed, it flopped a bit in the middle and did not lie snug
    against the tablet. That happened even when the tablet was lying flat and the flopping was even more
    noticeable when the tablet was was closed and vertical. For that price (discounted too), I expected better.
    That said, the docking strip and the keyboard were good. The magnetic docking was firm: a bit of trouble to get
    it lined up at first. The keyboard was a pleasant surprise. The key travel is quite good and the responsiveness
    better than some full keyboards that I used. Well worth it if you're getting a T30.

    Dec 18,2019

  • Many
    Fantastica y Versatil
    Una tablet de lo mejor teniendo en cuenta el rango de precios, tiene incluso mas posibilidades que otras de marcas conocidas y de mayor precio. Ni que decir tiene que va como un tiro, no se calienta nada, sin tirones ni esperas, mejor que mi movil, y ademas se ve y oye fantasticamente. El brillo es bastante bueno, lo tengo al 10 % y se ve muy bien. Le compre una tarjeta MicroSD de 128 Gb. para agrandar el almacenamiento, y va de lujo.
    El unico inconveniente quizas sean las actualizaciones, pero eso aun no me preocupa, con el tiempo saldra alguna version de LineageOS para ella y todo solucionado.
    Recomiendo mucho esta compra.


    Jan 17,2020

  • Peter Chai
    No Operation Manual included
    Kindly let me know whether you can supply a owner manual which will include user n operatioal manual for purpose. If it is available online, please email me the link so that I can download it myself. For examples, various shortcut instructions, how to switch from English input to Chinese input etc.

    Jul 30,2020

  • Bruno Ramos
    Teclast T30 keyboard/cover.
    Good keyboard/cover.
    Original Teclast cover, great materials and design. Very modern and minimal design.
    Great price/quality.
    Only problem is the trackpad, very slow and difficult to use. This problem is easily solved using a bluetooth mouse.

    Aug 09,2020

  • Client Gearbest
    Good Keyboards
    Well Built Keyboard. Responsively quick on keys digitation. sometimes the letters fall off but it doesn't take time to put it back in place. The material is not of high quality. However, I am enjoying working easily on it. A user friend.

    Aug 31,2020

  • Silverain
    Buona cover/tastiera
    Tastiera/cover di buona fattura. I tasti hanno una corsa apprezzabile, il touchpad è discreto con qualche sporadica esitazione. L'unico "difetto" riscontrato (che però è insito nella struttura e funzione dell'accessorio) è che per poter impugnare e tenere in verticale il tablet è necessario staccarlo, perché aprendola a 180° si scollega comunque.

    Jun 03,2020

  • Chaimk
    Good Keyboard
    The keyboard fit very well the tablet.
    The delivery was fast . But although the tablet and the keyboard were ordered together, they were dispatched separately and were delivered at different times.

    Dec 26,2019

  • buky
    excelente para o preço
    teclado excelente responde rápido e o táctil e fantástico, relação qualidade preço do melhor.

    Jan 22,2020

  • rbarat
    quality keyboard
    High-quality, exactly keyboard for Teclast T30. High-quality plastic, pleasant to the touch, quiet and precise key operation. It works great from the first connection, just plug in tablet mechanicaly, no setup required.

    Jan 22,2020

  • K
    Keyboard dock
    Seems awesome, package is almost luxury, haven't tried it yet but would post an update once the tablet gets delivered. Overall - awesome item.

    Dec 03,2019