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  • Jamaica
    Original SJCAM wireless remote very amazing and convenient!
    I bought this item last year along with SJCAM and other accessories and still alive and kicking! And yes what I received was an ORIGINAL wireless remote for SJCAM

    1. Delivery : 5 out of 5
    Delivery on time | 2 weeks waiting time | I don't have to pay any custom fees

    2. Item condition upon arrival : 4 out of 5
    Packaging of the wireless remote a bit dent | Arrived safely | Didn't pay for any custom fee

    3. Product itself : 5 out of 5
    This product is amazing and very durable. It is really convenient to use mostly if you are using selfie stick or tripod for an amazing long/far/wide shot or group photos to take better photos. You can connect it easily, 5 buttons: Wifi icon to connect, Camera icon to take a single shot, Videocam icon to take video, and camera burst shot icon to take burst photos and lastly power button.

    I will truly recommend this, very convenient and you can wear it like a watch for more convenience.

    Nov 12,2018

  • Dominik
    New SJCAM Wireless Remote Controller
    Allows to remotely control your SJCAM with a watch-style controller over bluetooth. I bought mine for SJCAM SJ7. It is the same kind of controller as in the SJCAM water-resistant selfie-stick. Has 5 buttons for photo, movie, photo-series, wifi and on. The strap and the controller are water resistant.
    The remote controller is a bit loosely mounted in the strap and could probably get lost during some action.

    Jul 15,2018

    Пульт для SJCAM SJ 6 LEGEND
    Заказывал первый раз на Гербесте. Заказ был сделан 11.11.18 года. Шел до Архангельска 38 дней. Отслеживался по треку от Китая до Москвы. В Москве пропал и неделю не отслеживался. Думал уже не дойдет. Но через неделю молчания - звонок от курьера и доставка прямо на дом. Упакован хорошо, повреждений нет. Аксессуар в фирменной упаковке. За товар оценка - 5, за доставку - 3.

    Dec 19,2018

  • Gregor Ravnikar
    Sjcam remote
    Very useful,compact build.Can be used in many other ways,not only as a "watch".its original,and i hope waterproof too as seller claims.very satisfied so far!
    none so far

    Dec 05,2016

  • Assyla
    Sjcam watch remote
    I don't like watches but this is super useful when blogging with an sjcam. No need to get up and hit any buttons unless needed otherwise. Nicely constructed. Most straps like this tend to break after rough use over a long period of time but it's unnecessary to be rough with it lol great feel, fits nice and does the job.

    Mar 12,2017

  • brady85
    Original SJCAM New Version Wireless Remote Controller
    Nice design
    Easy to pair with SJCAM SJ6 Legend camera
    Removable from the bracelet

    May 25,2018

  • Stefano
    Ottimo prodotto
    Ho acquistato questo controller per sj7 star, e funziona molto bene, risponde rapidamente ai comandi e non crea problemi nel cambio modalità (video/fotografia).
    Unica pecca è il cinturino che è piuttosto grande, quindi leggermente scomodo per l'utilizzo che ne faccio io (motociclismo).
    Ma nel complesso buono.
    L'ho acquistato a poco più di 11€.
    Cinturino scomodo da indossare...

    Mar 23,2018

  • Jay Indravadan Patel
    SJCAM m20 remote is awesome
    This is a very good product and made things easy for me for capturing videos and taking snaps. No more worries and best use. Original and outstanding performance.
    no cons at this product

    Feb 07,2017

  • Mark
    Original SJCAM New Version Wireless Remote Controller
    +great design
    +easy connectivity to camera
    + soft bracelet
    + fast shipping
    +very pleased with this purchase !
    RECOMMEND to everyone !
    +great design
    +easy connectivity to camera
    + soft bracelet
    + fast shipping
    +very pleased with this purchase !
    RECOMMEND to everyone !

    Feb 18,2018

  • Yaroslav
    Original SJCAM New Version Wireless Remote Controller
    Finally I got it! It is very useful staff,very compact build and it is not heavy at all. You can use it as a "watch", or on salfy stick or just in hand while riding.
    It is very hard to take it from a watch braslet))

    Jan 14,2017