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  • Simonzax
    Orico's 2.5 external enclosure HDD to usb 3.0 - is wellmade and just works.
    Received the product in small package.
    Well sorted in small plastic bag with addition to a cable so i can connect to my laptop/computer.

    -First thing to notice was the quality of the plastic of the enclosure of the brand Orico. It really stands out. Was surprised how well it was finished and polished.
    -The connector to the HDD is rigid, so i get the feeling that it will last for long time (unlike my previous enclosures)
    -Good side Support on the 2.5inch hdd (it seems it can stand few falls and hits)

    -Maybe aluminium finish would be better for heat dissipation, but i'm sure it won't be needed in 99% of cases.

    Satisfied with the product and Gearbest as always.
    Good price, great product.

    Jan 28,2019

  • Beni
    Works great, good choice
    Works great with 2.5 inch HDD drive, but notice that the connection and the cable is Micro USB 3.0 Type B and not Micro USB 2.0 or Micro USB 3.0 Type C. However with the cable they give its works perfect. I can't able to check the 3.0 speed. I also tested with "regular" Micro USB cable and its works fine with that too (bit slower but stabilization is the same).
    Easy to assemble and has english user manual.

    Minden rendben ment vele, de figyeljetek rá, hogy Micro USB 3.0 Type B csatlakozója van, nem hagyományos Micro USB vagy Micro USB Type C. Mindemellett leteszteltem sima Micro USB kábellel és azzal is tökéletesen ment. A sebességben nyílván van különség, de ugyanolyan stabil a dolog. Angol útmutató van hozzá, könnyű berakni a HDD-t.
    No big cons, everythings works fine.
    USB Type B cable, but works with regular USB cable too.

    Apr 21,2017

  • Reviewer
    Simple and useful
    It works great with my SSD drive, but it doesnt get detected when I put 2.5 inch HDD inside for some reason. HDD works in enother enclousure with external power, maybe thats the problem.
    Anyway - you get 2 little ,,sponges" so you can put it under your SSD/HDD so there is no space on the end to reduce possible fall damage, transfer rate is fast, LED properly works. Really easy and simple to use.

    Feb 25,2019

  • KuroNekko
    Cheap and basic but works well
    This is an easy to use hard drive enclosure. It has no screws so no tools are needed. However, this means that the plastic case isn't too durable and may come apart if dropped.
    Built quality is decent but it's rather basic. I have other enclosures that are metal with better LEDs.
    This enclosure works well. I was able to pull a 500GB HDD from an old broken laptop, format the disk, and now use it as an external storage HDD.
    Build quality is basic and the body is plastic. It looks nice but is not the best in durability. Probably not the best for the road warrior who travels a lot.

    Jun 08,2017

  • Ivanova Liliya
    ORICO 2.5 дюймов SSD корпус USB3.0 Micro B внешний жесткий диск
    The box is classy, the wire is complete and two pieces of foam rubber with a self-adhesive side. I ordered the delivery of UTEC, arrived quickly. Everything is fine) The usual hard for the 2.5 "notebooks crawls with a bang.

    Aug 20,2018

  • Francisco
    Caixa para disco externo
    O produto foi enviado rapidamente e chegou como descrito. O preço é baixo e por isso não podemos esperar milagres na qualidade do material. É fácil de montagem! e funciona correctamente ligado ao computador.
    Plástico de pouca qualidade

    Jul 14,2018

  • Alex Shev
    Орико Бокс
    Отличный бокс для жесткого диска либо ССД.
    Сначала думал из металла, но целиком из пластика.
    Закрывается крепко, ничего не болтается.
    Скорость по USB 3.0 аналогична скорости с другими прозрачными боксами Орико.
    Хорошее качество, кабель длиной 30см, также в комплекте есть 2 вида подкладок из поролона, на случай если толщина жесткого менее 9мм, чтобы не болтался.

    Nov 06,2019

  • Christos
    ORICO 2.5 inch USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure - JET BLACK
    Works great with 2.5 inch HDD drive, but notice that the connection and the cable is Micro USB 3.0 Type B and not Micro USB 2.0 or Micro USB 3.0 Type C. However with the cable they give its works perfect. I can't.
    Easy to assemble and has english user manual

    Sep 24,2018

  • JenoL
    Good case
    The case looks like on the pictures. Until you touch it you think that it is a metal case.
    There is a discrete blue function led when you plug it into an USB port.
    One con from my side: there aren't any screw holes to fasten the HDD in the case. You will find 2 sponge pieces with glued sides to "hold" the HDD in the case.

    Nov 27,2018

  • mrbzyq
    ORICO 2.5 inch USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure
    Bardzo fajna obudowa - pasuje zarówno do dysków 7 jak i 9 mm.
    Transfery faktycznie na poziomie USB 3.0.
    Dobre spasowanie elementów, chociaż czuć w palcach, że to tylko średni plastik. Ale z daleka wygląda jak szczotkowane aluminium ;)

    Sep 16,2018