Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers

- GROEN 3M 281048809

met Battery Box voor Festival
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Deze koperen lampen helpen omverfraai de omgeving. En het is deperfecte decoratievoor het vieren van vakanties, kerst, feesten of bruiloften. Het kan ook worden gebruikt als decoratie buitenshuiscreëer een romantische sfeer. Plaats ze gewoon op muren, ramen, deuren, plafonds, gras of bomen, pilaren of gebouwen.

Algemene kenmerken:
Super heldere LED-lamprups
De 5 meter lange lichtstreng bestaat uit 50 LED's om weinig licht te verblinden.
•Perfect decoration, Christmas tree, Halloween, celebrations, parties, wardrobes, garden parties, fences, etc.
•Provides an elegant sparkle that can be seen from any angle
Buigbare koperdraadkunt u elke gewenste vorm maken
IP65 waterdichte classificatiekunt u het gebruiken, zelfs op regenachtige dagen
5 lichtkleuren beschikbaar: koel wit, warm wit, rood, groen, blauw
•Powered by 3 x AA battery ( not included )
•The length of string light: 5m



Merk: Utorch

Dimensies en gewicht

Productgewicht: 0.0400 kg
Pakket gewicht: 0.0410 kg
Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 8,50 x 7,50 x 2,50 cm / 3,35 x 2,95 x 0,98 inch


Verpakkingsinhoud: 1 x String Light
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M
Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoratie Lichtslingers- Green 3M

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4.69 out of 5
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  • ANITA A.
    Color:Warm White Size:3M
    I'm really happy to find that the `` white'' option has three modes from antique warm to daylight white, coupled with my other outdoor string lights they make my deck plenty bright enough, perhaps they wouldn't be enough on their own but now I'm actually glad I can dim them because they add so much light, the colours are fantastic and the colour modes very impressive - especially when you realize they're not just multi-coloured flashing but they each flash a different colour sequence

    Sep 22,2018 17:15:29

    Was this review helpful?

  • TetonJim
    Color:Warm White Size:3M
    They are a bit expensive but I broke down and bought them because I was so tired of ` disposable' lights that only work a little bit and then stop, these are very heavy duty and quite heavy - they need to hang on something strong enough to support them, the colors are vibrant and there are so many different light patterns - one for every holiday and then some, I think I will get another set to put on my front porch of my house

    Sep 22,2018 00:29:36

    Was this review helpful?

  • Denis
    Utorch led strip 5m
    Color:Warm White Size:5M
    Пришло за месяц,посылка не отслуживалась.Дополнительной упаковки для транспортировки не было,просто почтовый пакет без пупырки.Дошло в целости.Сама гирлянда(на мой взгляд) сделана как-то совсем хлипко.Такое впечатление,что сделав какую-нибудь лишнюю манипуляцию с этой тонкой медной проволокой,она переломится.Но как видно на видео-работает,но это видимо вопрос времени.За 0,99$ сойдёт на один Новый год.

    Oct 24,2018 19:18:21

    Was this review helpful?

  • Ashley cassell
    Color:Warm White Size:3M
    These lights appear to be really high quality ; thick cords & strong bulbs, the plain white is the perfect white color temperature warm like a traditional filament bulb, and the rest of the colors are great too, I was a bit worried that only two color options were possible, multi-color all colors and more, I plan to keep these up on my front patio year round and use them in place of Christmas/Holiday lights

    Oct 14,2018 23:47:37

    Was this review helpful?

  • Michael M Magsadia
    Color:Warm White Size:3M
    Excellent product that functions as described, you are only allowed to program two colors yet several of the pre-programmed modes allow for three or more colors such as red-white-blue, additionally the `` fade'' and `` strobe'' modes are preset and can not be used for the two colors you program in, making these more programmable is the one suggestion I have that would make these a truly outstanding product

    Oct 01,2018 16:21:32

    Was this review helpful?

  • Dar
    Color:Warm White Size:3M
    Bulbs are solid acrylic and a lot larger than I was expecting, with nice clear solid acrylic with a few large bubbles inside to diffuse the light a little, the lighting options are bit limited, but better than I was expecting when I started off looking for string lights, these lights are more decorative, as they do not throw off much light

    Oct 16,2018 01:10:39

    Was this review helpful?

  • Dmitiry M.
    Utorch 5m 50-LED Decoration String Light
    Color:Warm White Size:5M
    The garland is two varnished single-core copper wires, which are used in the windings of transformers, with diodes soldered between them. It is scary to touch this construction. So it seems that one awkward movement and it will break into flaps.But it works.

    Nov 02,2018 23:11:35

    Was this review helpful?

  • Robert L Smith
    Color:Red Size:5M
    Not harsh white like some lights can be, I also like the clear-ish wire, much prettier than white wire would be, the connector between wires has a screw cap to hold them securely to each other and it's genius to have one that comes with an unlit leading length of wire and other strands for extension only with no leading unlit wire

    Sep 24,2018 14:52:13

    Was this review helpful?

  • Serge
    Utorch 3m 30-LED Decoration String Light - good choice for inpocked NY tree :)
    Color:Cool White Size:3M
    Item delivered fast (3 weeks), working well. Assebled from just two wires with soldered surface-mouted LEDs and batteries case. I do not know how long it will be working... but price is very well! I am plannig to add USB power connector to power it from a powerbank.

    Nov 13,2018 20:36:43

    Was this review helpful?

  • Oditius
    Color:Cool White Size:3M
    I like these lights I used to use my ceiling light but that got annoying since I sit right underneath it and now I use these led light strips for light instead and when I play doom on my xbox one pc or nintendo switch I just set them to red to set the mood which it does increase the mood

    Oct 18,2018 20:42:41

    Was this review helpful?

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