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  • Oscar
    Powerful Device
    Love everything about this product. Didn’t expect it to be this massive though (I’m used to smaller chargers). It took a while to arrive, but that’s pretty much a given when ordering overseas. That being said, TOTALLY worth the wait.
    The charger has a nice build. It adapts flawlessly to the need of the battery and the display is a very nice ‘finishing touch’ (all the information you need in one place). If all the safety measures are in place (and they say it is) then you can pretty much use any type of usb charger (not included). I’m using the go,comma (gearbest product) and it works nicely.
    I’m a thorough searcher and I’ve searched a lot of places and all I can say for the price these babies go; (€20) thats a lot of bang for your buck.

    Dec 28,2019

  • Electric Mike
    Ein echtes Universal Ladegerät
    Was wichtiges vorab, das Ladegerät hat kein eigenes Netzteil, sondern benötigt ein USB Ladegerät (ein USB-A auf Micro-USB Kabel liegt bei) . Im Optimal Fall eines was mindestens Quickcharge 2.0 beherrscht.
    Dann wird die volle Bandbreite ausgenutzt.
    Mann kann die haushaltsüblichen AAAA, AAA, AA, C, D damit laden, aber auch IMR, Li-ion, LiFePO4 Akkus, wie Z.B. 14500 Oder 18650 und viele andere.
    Durch das Quickcharge kann das Ladegerät bis zu 9V mit 2A = 18W aufnehmen und maximal mit 2x1500mAh oder 4x750mAh maximal laden.
    Das Ladegerät passt sich automatisch den eingelegten Akkus an und lädt diese optimal. Mann kann aber auch manuelle Einstellungen tätigen. Über das Display werden die Ladespannung, der Akku Zustand und vieles mehr angezeigt.

    Jun 16,2019

  • love_china
    NITECORE UM4 Intelligent USB Battery Charger
    UM4 NITECORE charger is just under their best model UM4+ but I think it will cover all my needs to occasionally charge 2-3 types of batteries. Got it on big discount and so I am very satisfied with my choice charger. The device look big and solid and with very good built quality. It supports wide range of battery types and sizes. Main feature for me is that it connects via micro usb port. I hope it will work fine and charge well when connected via 5V solar panel.

    Sep 26,2019

  • Elina
    Smart rechargable battery charger. Nitecore UM4.
    Products description corresponds to actual product. Truly one and only high quality smart rechargable battery charger. This brand Nitecore produces well made, reliable high quality products. Delivery time to Latvia about 2 weeks. Package well packed. All of my recommendations to Chinese manafacturer, seller and distributor.

    Sep 21,2019

  • Rafa
    Quality product
    I've used it to charge 4 Li-Ion 18650 bateries recycled from a laptop battery. Also supports Ni-MH, NiCd, Po-Li etc... So far so good. Device feels robust, display has lot of info. Also has a mode that tries to recover damaged batteries.

    As a con, you need an external 5V power supply since it only has a micro USB port to get the power, despite it can also be a pro because you can use any old phone charger to power the unit.

    Overall I'm very happy with it.

    May 21,2019

  • Юрий
    Умное зарядное устройство для 4-х аккумуляторов различного типоразмера. Качественное изготовление, множество режимов работы, умеет восстанавливать переразряженные аккумуляторы, есть все необходимые защиты. П.С.: кабель зарядки есть в комплекте.

    Jun 04,2019

  • Emerson
    Carregador rápido e preciso
    Carregador muito bom e preciso para que deseja carregar suas pilhas rapidamente. Comprei este pois o meu antigo precisava ficar conectado 15 horas para carregar qualquer pilha. Este carrega em menos de 3 horas 4 pilhas de uma unica vez. Recomendo o produto, bem construído e de otima qualidade.

    Jul 09,2019

  • waldoo
    Yesterday I received the Nitecore Um4 charger. Very fast delivery, with 10 days received.
    Received in excellent condition, it was packed very well. First moment in operation looks good.
    A special recommendation from this supplier. Thanks.

    Jun 26,2019

  • Víctor Andrade Gaona
    cargador de baterias
    es un buen artículo, carga de manera eficiente las baterías y te ayuda a saber la velocidad de cargado y la carga de entrada me sirve muy bien es un artículo de muy buena calidad, lo recomiendo bastante, carga 4 baterías 18650 de manera rápida y sin problemas :) excelente compra

    Sep 20,2019

  • Mx
    Great charger
    Bought this to replace my old one which I had for a very long time. This one is fantastic. Being able to see exactly what each battery is doing is just great. Helps with finding those batteries that are way too gone.

    Aug 25,2019