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  • curly_rack$
    Had to move some furniture and found that many of the longer flat parts and shelves from dismantled desks could not fit in regular moving boxes, these picture/mirror boxes are excellent for putting those size/shape parts in, folding and taping up the extra open end left us with two smaller flat boxes that were easier to handle when filled with heavy shelves and parts

    Oct 03,2018

  • Darrell C Telschow
    The movers used two of these different brand with one thin side cut out and then they slid the two together to create a top and bottom, the boxes come folded across the middle of the ` solid' side which makes them kind of crinkle in that area when opened, i've been using ours to store old pictures that are not currently hanging on our walls

    Sep 26,2018

  • Todd Shearer
    It may work with others close by but it's not going to give the best signal strength, the coax quality you use is also important, low quality coax will have lots of loss and degrade your results, i replaced a couple of sets of rabbit ears which had a couple of channels at best, the directional design pulled in what I wanted easy peasy

    Sep 25,2018

  • Michael
    I have set it up to use with Kodi offline with an external hard drive attached, the remote should be easy enough for them to control it and with all of the media information and thumbnails they shouldn't have a hard time finding something to watch out in the middle of nowhere

    Sep 19,2018

  • Technology Buff
    I changed the launcher and installed many new apps and everything works as intended so far, people whine if it is not perfect out of the box but what is really, the hardware you get for the price is pretty amazing, the keyboard that I received was the backlit version ... bonus

    Oct 17,2018

  • Rui S
    Boa aquisição
    Qualidade/preço esta box encaixa na perfeição para visualizar champions league :) . RK3328 Android 8.1 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM permite uma rapidez bem aceitável. Não veio lá muito bem embalado mas até agora trabalha bem. Aquece um pouco mas também é só pra ver a bola o que não fica o dia todo ligado. Recomendo

    Nov 15,2018

  • jan petersen
    Noticed other reviews mention this as well, i ended up returning the item and bought from another vendor which shipped the correct version but would freeze once you tried to boot it up, specs were lower which are offered even by this seller for a lower price

    Sep 21,2018

  • Helping Hand
    THESE ARE FANTASTIC !!! I spent all weekend helping a relative move and these boxes were perfect for packaging up some antique pictures and frames, the boxes are easy to unfold and use, these boxes are very sturdy and the house window was rather heavy

    Oct 13,2018

  • kh
    I was skeptical to buy this box due to lack of reviews, the response time is much better than some other boxes out there due to the increased RAM maybe newer Android version, apps are easy to install, would be the perfect product if that was included

    Oct 09,2018

  • android forever
    Extremely satisfied, it appears that the boxes were individually tested before shipping. Bought many units, tested them all and all were working. Very impressed. Sometimes you get a bad unit but not with this seller. 5 stars

    Nov 23,2018