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Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse
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Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse

- Zwart

4.67 145 klanten-reviews | Raadpleeg de Engelse beschrijving
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Beschrijving: Versla de rivaal in de games nauwkeurig en snel in de games. Deze Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse is je beste partner om krachtige prestaties te leveren. Verstelbare DPI verbetert je niveau en LED-licht maakt je nacht fantastisch. De muisgreep is geschikt voor elk type greep dat een speler prefereert, waardoor het geschikt is voor alle soorten videogames. Zoals de meeste gaming-muizen, wordt deze gamingmuis geleverd met speciale aanpassingssoftware. Je kunt de functionaliteit van de knoppen wijzigen om je eigen muis te ontwerpen. Persoonlijke aanpassingen maken het verschil. Pas een speciale muis aan die precies goed voelt voor jou. Kenmerken op een rij: - Instelbare 8-niveaus resolutie, biedt 500/800/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000 / 5000DPI - Met kleurrijke LED-lampjes aan de onderkant - Ondersteunt 7 programmeerbare knoppen, maakt je eigen speciale muis - Met rubber Ga naar geven u meer controle - Biedt 20 miljoen klik keer Perfect gaming partner met de 8-traps verstelbare resolutie, die tot 5000dpi, nul smoothing of filteren voor een consistente reactievermogen en controle bij elke snelheid, schakelt snel zodat u een zal maken geweldige prestaties in games. Met een cool uiterlijk zorgt LED-lamp voor een geweldig spelplezier. Maak meer speciaal De onderkant van de muis maakt gebruik van aluminiumlegering materiaal, met een kleurrijke lampcirkel, maakt het lichter in het donker. Ondersteunt 7 programmeerbare toetsen, u kunt een basisinstelling, geavanceerde instelling, ademende LED-instelling maken, aanpassen wat u maar wilt en een soort mouses doen Geavanceerde optische sensor Neemt de optische sensor PMW3325 aan, krijgt maximale trackingnauwkeurigheid van onze meest gevoelige optische sensor . Exclusieve optische sensortechnologie minimaliseert de versnelling van de muis en verhoogt de betrouwbare targeting



Merk: Motospeed
Type: Muis
Materiaal: buikspieren


Kabellengte (m): 1.8m
Verbinding: Bedrade
Connectie type: USB bedraad
Interface: USB 2.0
Resolutie: 1000DPI,1500DPI,2000 dpi,3000DPI,4000dpi,5000dpi,500DPI,800 DPI
Systeemondersteuning: Android,Mac OS,Windows 10
Codering ondersteund: Nee
Mouse Macro Express ondersteund: Ja
Type verlichting: RGB licht
DPI-aanpassing: Ondersteuning


Stroomvoorziening: USB poort

Dimensies en gewicht

Productgewicht: 0,1000 kg
Pakket gewicht: 0.2150 kg
Productgrootte (L x B x H): 12,20 x 7,00 x 4,00 cm / 4,8 x 2,76 x 1,57 inch
Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 19,00 x 13,50 x 5,20 cm / 7,48 x 5,31 x 2,05 inch


Verpakkingsinhoud: 1 x muis
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart
Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse- Zwart

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4.67 uit 5
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  • Luís
    Motospeed V60 Wired Gaming Mouse
    Beat the rival in the games accurately and quickly in the games, this Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse will be your best partner to bring you powerful performance.
    Adjustable DPI will improve your level, and LED light makes your night more fantastic.
    The mouse's grip accommodates any type of hold a player prefers, making it suitable for all types of video games.
    Like most of the gaming mouses, this gaming mouse comes with dedicated customization software, you may change the functionality of the buttons to design your own mouse.
    Personal tweaks make all the difference. Customize a special mouse that feels just right for you.

    Features at a glance:
    - Adjustable 8-level resolution, provides 500 / 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000DPI
    - With colorful LED lights on the bottom
    - Supports 7 programmable buttons, makes your own special mouse
    - With rubber scroll to give you added control
    - Provides 20 million click times

    Perfect gaming partner
    With the 8-level adjustable resolution, which is up to 5000DPI, zero smoothing or filtering for consistent responsiveness and control at any speed, switches quickly so that you will make a great performance in games. With a cool appearance, LED light makes you have a wonderful gaming enjoyment

    Make more special
    The bottom of the mouse uses aluminum alloy material, with a colorful lamp circle, makes it lighter in the dark. Supports 7 programmable keys, you may make a basic setting, advanced setting, breathing LED setting, customizes whatever you like and to do a one of a kind mouses

    Advanced optical sensor
    Adopts PMW3325 optical sensor, gets maximum tracking accuracy from our most responsive optical sensor. Exclusive optical sensor technology minimizes mouse acceleration and increases reliable targeting
    No one

    Jan 27,2018

  • Steavatron
    Far better than any mouse I've ever used, period.
    So, I've never used a mouse with a 'proper' sensor in it before, only those cheap $5 wireless mice that you can get from pretty much any shop. This is a whole different thing.

    The tracking feels super accurate, and you can customise just how sensitive you want it to be. I like it at 1500dpi.

    The buttons all have a good weight to them. None of them feel too light or too heavy to press and they all have good travel. The wheel has a nice texture that makes it comfortable to use, and the steps feel really good when you're rolling it.

    The buttons that change DPI by default are also really nice to press. They're in a good position, out of the way when you don't need them, but easy to reach when you do.

    I've never pressed anything by accident.

    The shape is really comfortable to hold. Much better than my magic mouse. The weight is good. It's nice and heavy in the hand which I like. It makes it feel solid.

    The rubber feet are really smooth, making the glide awesome. It feels like there's pretty much no resistance when it's on my mousepad.

    The LEDs are easy to customise once you get the software. It doesn't come across accurately in my pictures, but you can trust the product images. It really does look that good in person.

    The plastic is pure white and there are no discolourations that I noticed.

    The only thing to complain about would be the fact that I couldn't customise the logo LED. It allows you to choose between 8 colours (red, dark blue, green, white, cyan, yellow, orange, and pink), but none of them match the blue I wanted so I just use the white instead.

    Nov 11,2018

  • luis silva
    Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse
    Bata o rival nos jogos com precisão e rapidez nos jogos, este Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse será o seu melhor parceiro para lhe proporcionar um desempenho poderoso.
    O DPI ajustável melhora o seu nível e a luz LED torna a sua noite mais fantástica.
    O punho do mouse acomoda qualquer tipo de espera que um jogador prefira, tornando-o adequado para todos os tipos de videogames.
    Como a maioria dos mouses de jogos, este mouse de jogo vem com software de personalização dedicado, você pode alterar a funcionalidade dos botões para projetar seu próprio mouse.
    Os ajustes pessoais fazem toda a diferença. Personalize um mouse especial que parece certo para você.

    Aug 23,2018

  • Miss A
    Diving on on this style of mouse you really need to consider what you're comfortable with, i have short sausage fingers and my hands aren't that big, many of the extra buttons on this mouse were of no practical use to me as I was accidentally clicking the wrong buttons when trying to hit the ones I wanted, ultimately ended up with a Razer that has two thumb buttons and is a more regular mouse shape and I'm much happier, this was recommended to me by a friend and he loves his so this is very much personal commentary and does not necessarily reflect the quality of the product which is fine

    Aug 23,2018

  • Matheus Batalha
    Ótimo mouse para jogos // Great gaming mouse
    Um produto excelente, chegou dentro do prazo programado do frete, não tive que pagar taxa de importação do produto.

    Excelente qualidade, tanto no cabo do mouse, quanto nos botões de clique e no scroll. O programa para regulagem de DPI e dos efeitos do RGB dele vem em chinês, mas você consegue alterar a linguagem se pesquisar como fazer na internet (tem apenas em inglês, poderia ter português-br no programa).

    A compra foi feita no dia 02/02/2018, foi postado no dia 05/02/2018 e chegou no Brasil em 15/02/2018, sendo liberado de Curitiba no dia 26/02/2018, chegou pra mim cerca de um mês depois da liberação dele sem taxa.

    Sep 04,2018

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