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  • shanna
    After considerable problems with other microphones that interface with a computer via USB, is that the volume of the input recording signal sent to the computer is more than adequate for almost all recording on a computer using for example the free program Audacity, all other solutions for finding or adapting quality microphones for use to record on a computer via USB do not have a strong enough signal sent from the microphone to the computer via a USB port for sufficient recording volume and flexibility, has excellent sound quality although not as good as the Yeti, sends such a very weak signal to the computer that it is really only useful in recording very close to the microphone or for recording very loud sound sources, the cables that you can buy that use USB to power conventional XLR microphones such as those made by Shure and allow them to be used for recording on computers via the USB port are even worse - the signal sent to the computer is much, these other options for USB recording solutions I bought first, unlike these other USB computer port recording solutions, has on-microphones recording volume control that is much easier and faster to use than adjusting volume via a computer program, also a built-in microphone jack with on-microphone volume control that allows you to hear input without the processing delay common through a computer jack - which is aids quality recording over background music quite a bit

    Nov 30,2018

  • Robert J. Scharle
    It picks up many details in one's voice amongst other sounds so make sure you guard against any additional sounds that you may not want to hear as background noise, there's a knob on the front to adjust the volume and a convenient mute button that blinks letting you know when it's turned on, the two lateral knobs/screws on the stand allow a user to tighten the microphone assuming one changes its position for a better recording angle, i've also recorded my original songs using garage band and it works great for my vocals and the guitar whether recorded together or on separate tracks, it's more than great for the price

    Oct 30,2018

  • Santonnat Betty
    This is a good quality inexpensive microphone for its price, seems to be clean when you power it, you'll want a phantom power XLR jack for this, the build quality is good, the condenser itself is larger than you little cheep mic and it preforms pretty well, its in the middle weight wise, inside the PCB is good overall with a little hand soldering to the wire connectors they are wire to pad, overall the build quality is excellent for the price, the price alone is good with out the Mic, its done well for me with just some quick voice over work and for conferencing and gaming, for the price you can't go wrong

    Dec 15,2018

  • FS8927
    Now I really notice how excellent this product is, the quality of the sound is great and it totally makes a difference to a regular headset like the one I had, using the gain just on half I got an audio output with a really high volume compared to using a not professional mic or headphones, where the different recording modes are explained, when I tried it again with the other product I got Microphone Suspension Mic Clip

    Nov 27,2018

  • D. Weaver
    A few of my friends play tabletop RPGs together and have started recording and editing sessions, we started experimenting with various condenser mics including this one compared to the Yeti Blue, for our purposes of remote spoken word recording this microphone has a negligible difference between higher end microphones like the Yeti, it's still a nice crisp recording, be sure to get an arm and pop filter

    Oct 29,2018

  • Michelle Martin
    This microphone has such a great crystal clear quality and it was the easiest setup of any electronic device I've ever used, i would say excellent for pod casting and also for vocal recording as long as you have audio enhancement software to add some vocal effects because as this mic stands alone, happy to finally have a usb mic that I can use on several computers and have the absolute best quality sound

    Nov 03,2018

  • Lindaifu
    A surprisingly great product for its price, you would assume the microphone would lack many essentials of a quality piece of audio recording, while the microphone doesn't have a mute button, or a gain switch ... the actual quality of the audio resulting from this thing is up to par with the Blue Yeti which I use, i would definitely recommend this microphone for anyone entering the audio recording field

    Oct 27,2018

  • Pamela S.
    The only Reason in which I purchased the profuct was because of the low price, i have wireless Mics but for standing behind my computer this is all I really need, the only thing I do not like is that the microphone does ` nt have an on/off switch meaning you have to be very aware of what you say around the mic, overall I would buy this product unless you are performing for large groups of people

    Dec 13,2018

  • gerard
    microphone Mini K Song
    they made me a change, since the model that is here, was not available, they changed it for this one.

    this other microphone works very well, I tested it on a smartphone and on the laptop and in both cases it worked well for me, it's about 1.5 m of cable length

    Apr 05,2019

  • Bashya
    I've been recording some audios for a new program I'm developing and the quality is great compared to my previous recordings before my purchase, i've got this attached to my coffee table with the help of the Neewer Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm which makes it simple to plug in and record at any time, very happy with my purchase

    Oct 29,2018