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  • Kenneth Weber
    I've left the plastic on my phone since I got it a few days ago so I was able to skip all the screen cleaning steps, A lot of people are complaining about the fact the protector is a little off when it comes to the size of the screen, My first application I was trying to get it pushed flush against the top of the plastic fixture they give you, The top of the screen is peeking out a little above the protector and at the bottom the protector is overlapping the screen, The fixture is a nice addition but clearly if anything is not the right size

    Jul 25,2018

  • Anthony J. C.
    The price was extremely reasonable and the kit came complete with three glass screen protectors, a guide so you can't install it crooked, but I was able to get my screen installed with absolutely nothing trapped between the original screen and the protector, Now I have the peace of mind of two spare protectors as well as the one installed perfectly on my phone

    Jul 24,2018

  • Nev R Dun
    I have always purchased Rhinoshield screen protectors and they work great, This product was much cheaper and was very easy to put on and I'm terrible at installing them, I'm sure they aren't as good as protecting my screen as the Rhinoshield is but I'm more concerned with scratches than I am of busting my screen and this does the trick, If I get too many scratches

    Jul 16,2018

  • Al M
    The second left a lot of tiny bubbles in the middle which were really difficult to get out, A lot of other `` glass'' protectors I've used in the past easily pushed out the bubbles with a few passes or just by the weight of putting it down, It doesn't affect any function but if you want a flawless screen

    Sep 22,2018

  • Amy M. Flynn
    I recently had to upgrade my phone and I know I need a good screen protector, Even though it is a multipack the fact that there is more screen protectors just means I have more, Also I have compared this to other screen protectors that cost much more money and I don't see any difference

    Jul 20,2018

  • K. Kafka
    Ok first one I dropped my phone and it cracked but the screen was fine, The plastic guide is nice and makes installation easier, My second protector went on but there were some spots where it looked like it didn't attach properly, All in all a great screen protector

    Aug 07,2018

  • Mike Dilger
    I've been an customer of Apple products for many years and I've always enjoyed looking for the best products that furthers the quality and enjoyment of that experience, when it comes to cases or peripheral devices with my Apple products

    Aug 25,2018

  • Thomas J. Callan
    wow !!! First of all this screen saver has THE best guide to apply the cumbersome film to your iPhone, While working in the backyard my phone fell out of my shirt pocket and landed directly on the sharp edge of a large rock

    Oct 18,2018

  • D. Holt
    I had tried another kind and did not like them because the edges of the protector were sharp and not rounded like the case-mate brand, Not sure if the protection will be as good yet but I will update my review if it's not

    Aug 04,2018

  • DAL
    flat surface -LRB- the screen -RRB- but weak on the edges, I've already cracked on protector because the keys in my pocket next to my phone pressed against that tiny little edge of the protector and caused it to crack

    Oct 13,2018