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  • Jackie Johnson
    I either did not do a good enough job of cleaning the screen or I just got unlucky as there was one dot of something between the screen protector and the cell phone screen that was clearly visible, Naturally I had a better idea of the process and this time a perfect installation !! The plastic install guide that comes with the package works very well, The screen protector looks great and the touchscreen works great

    Jan 04,2017

  • Geoff G.
    Very awesome screen protectors I used these on my parent's iPhone Xs, and the screen is very clear you can't even tell it's on the iPhone X unless you look very closely, there is also no difference in screen responsiveness these are very great tempered glass screen protectors and easy to install I highly recommend them

    May 21,2018

  • A. Bailey
    The screen protectors come with both a wet and dry cleaning cloths and an aligner to make sure the protector goes on straight, The screen protectors are coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers, I did not have any issues with bubbles using the aligner and believe this is an overall great product

    Apr 18,2018

  • Russevansca
    I installed two on new iPhone X screens and the fit was perfect, a tiny bubble imperfection near one edge has persisted but is imperceptible, On the second screen, If my wife ever is unhappy with this second screen, we of course still have the third unused protector, Great price, very satisfactory product

    Jan 02,2017

  • megamom
    It could stand to be slightly larger in both directions, The provided positioning tool is a great idea in theory but unfortunately it is just big enough to allow a visible misplacement of the protector, while it isn't sharp enough to cut the edge could stand a larger radius to make the edge more rounded

    Mar 25,2017

  • Leola Lekam
    the first thing that I do is slap a screen protector on so that it will stay as pristine as possible for me and also be worth more when I sell it, Older plastic screen protectors were better than nothing but they dimmed the screen a bit, were difficult to put on and just protected the screen from scratches

    Feb 10,2017

    Pantalla Protector Xiaomi
    Un excelente protector para la pantalla del Xiaomi, excelente presentacion, muy facil de colocar y recuerda que es importante tener la proteccion de tu pantalla ante una caida, el protector puede salvar que se estrelle tu pantalla y para conseguirla en el pais, en mi caso Mexico, esta en chino

    Sep 07,2018

  • Maxim
    Luanke Screen Protector for Xiaomi Redmi 4
    the delivery was fast. posylka came not crumpled. Glass covers the entire display. Finger on glass slides. Stood up well
    Very fragile and thin. expensive glass is much stronger, but glass is better closes the edge of the screen. After the fall of the phone glass is cracked but the screen remained intact. For the price not bad.

    Jun 12,2017

  • Stefan
    The screen quality and clarity is excellent and the installation instructions are easy to follow, The installation guide frame makes the installation even easier compared to other screen protectors that I have installed

    Dec 30,2017

  • Janet Mcvicker
    The tempered glass protector as usual is of good quality and the fit is good, most of us should know how to properly install a screen protector, The other aspect is the frame which is crucial in installing the screen protector

    Sep 23,2017