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  • Michael
    So this was something I added to an order as an impulse buy. I had no idea how much fun this was going to be. Ive recommended this to so many people and they bought it as Christmas gifts for friends and family. I have had so much fun with this and not just the included lock I've progressed to other locks and two things have happened, its realised how bad some locks are and I now also know which locks I should buy to actually be hard to open. I can highly recommend this, one of my favorite things bought on GB ever.

    Dec 10,2018

  • Hoi Chi Zen
    Lockmall S training set
    Extremely good quality for price. Tested good. Works like magic. Easy to use. Enough tools to cover most scenario. Practice lock good quality. Does not come apart when configuring. Practice lock comes in nice case. Fabulous product. I will order again. I highly recommend.

    Feb 23,2019

  • Martijn
    Bought it as a gift for my daugther and bought one for myself as well. The quality of this set is actually quite good. The tools are sturdy and the transparent practice lock looks really cool.After just a bit of practice the lock is quite easy to unlock. Great gift!

    Jun 11,2019

  • BanjoHolic
    Lock pick set
    Delivered in good time and this is a nice beginner lock pick set, I will probably purchase some better quality ones as I only bought these to see if I could pick locks and they work really well. Can't be beaten for this price.

    Sep 25,2019

  • David Russell
    Little bit of fun
    Nice little set and had a bit of fun lock picking with the clear padlock. It's still harder than it looks but with a bit of practise should be able to love onto other locks. Comes with a nice little case to hold the tools in.

    Jun 24,2019

  • kevin
    Lockmall lock pic
    Lockmall lock picker takes a lot of practise to get to know how the picker works but once you have got the idea you can have a lot of fun trying other more difficult locks to pick.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Erik Vogel
    Lock Pick
    Nice set. I choose it becouse my previous set dosent contained a rake. The traning lock was also a nice plus, however I found it a little too easy.

    Apr 18,2019

  • Xoxol
    Good quality pick lock
    The package was very sturdy and the set was nice. Just look some video's on youtube and you are ready to go to pick your first lock.

    Jun 21,2019

  • alex
    Really good product and helpfull for learing how to lock pick!I definitely recommend it to everyone!!

    Dec 19,2018

  • Davide
    oggetto utile e buono per pratica
    Oggetto molto utile se hai pratica, i materiali dei grimaldelli sono buoni il lucchetto e di scarso materiale però utile per pratica.Lo consiglio

    Oct 18,2018