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  • Christos
    Waterproof backpack cover!
    Used during rainy days and it really protected my backpack (laptop included!). The quality is very good as well as the price. It has elastic perimeter and can fit to various backpack sizes! It is always in my bag just in case!

    Oct 02,2016

  • Rafa
    For light rain
    The case works very well when there is light rain. When there is heavy rain it is still waterproof but the water slides towards the open part of the cover and ends up getting wet the part of the backpack that you touch with your back. This is not a bad operation of the cover but something inevitable if it rains a lot.

    Aug 17,2018

  • VapeNOW
    Good Cover!
    Lightweight backpack cover for backpacks up to about 30l - good to carry with you cause you never know when you really need that!

    Jun 28,2016

  • beesness
    Backpack Cover
    It is quite large. Larger than I expected. It has good price. It looks durable. It is waterproof.
    Nothing at this price.

    Feb 26,2017

  • manj
    good for the price
    tried it in rain a few times,little bit of water did manage to get in under the cover somehowits good for the priceeach tile in the image is 1sq feet

    Sep 06,2018

  • DJ
    fit big backpack
    fit big a big backpack. low cost. protect from rain, folded size very small to carry around

    Oct 23,2016

  • Co5min
    Very good product
    very useful, it can be folded and placed in the pocket of the backpack and opened if it rains.
    No cons

    Aug 29,2016

  • Constantin
    Very God Cover !
    product of good workmanship, waterproof, very light, low price.
    the smell

    Sep 15,2016

  • vladmarik
    Легкий водонепроницаемый чехол для рюкзака
    Легкий водонепроницаемый чехол для рюкзакаЛегкий водонепроницаемый чехол для рюкзакаЛегкий водонепроницаемый чехол для рюкзака

    Oct 28,2018

    backpack waterproof bag
    great bag. perfectly cover for my 511 rush 24. good stitching and elastication. well made

    Feb 09,2017