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  • Curly
    This was a Christmas present for our daughter and it has been a HUGE hit, it did take several hours to put together but all the pieces were there and it all fit together really well, I am so surprised by how much actual wood there is in this house and the included furniture, all the furniture is really great quality, I am so happy with this purchase, it makes you notice how cheap and flimsy the other ones are and some of them are selling for a higher price

    Nov 08,2018

  • Bec4
    Not a really big deal We put some felt on the bottom because it was being used on a hardwood floor as a scratch and scuff precaution, we also got some of the people that go along with the doll house from the same company and that made the Christmas present totally complete

    Dec 01,2018

  • nebraska mom
    This doll house exceeds expectations its made of sturdy wood also the floors are nice and thick unlike other doll houses and very big I can't wait to see my little girls face on christmas morning when she sees this doll house

    Dec 08,2018

  • Gaurav
    After seeing my brother by his daughters the Barbie Dream House last Christmas and seeing how flimsy and plastic it was the cardboard walls wouldnt stay up !! Im convinced this is a steal !! I couldnt be happier

    Dec 14,2018

  • Abbye
    I bought this as a gift so I havnt opened it or built it yet but we had the other Barbie dream house and this one seems so much better just by the box and the noises it says it makes

    Nov 08,2018

  • Joshua Newbeck
    I was unable to find one because we waited until the last minute at Christmas time, this doll house is sooo cool, it is really sturdy and has some really neat furniture

    Dec 13,2018

  • AndiDenver
    This was a Christmas gift for my granddaughters this past Christmas, the figures and furniture included are sturdy and perfect for little hands

    Nov 09,2018

  • Douglas E. Dimeler
    They could use creative play without cumbersome furniture to manipulate ..., entire family was content with Christmas gift ...

    Nov 25,2018

  • patricia mandeville
    I was steadfastly against buying this doll house and of course it's her favorite Christmas gift

    Nov 03,2018

  • D. Grau
    A wonderful Christmas gift they'll love for years

    Dec 15,2018