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  • Ordinary user
    Ja (1) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    "Must have"
    Цена, качество исполнения, низкое энергопотребление и высокая яркость / price & quality... it works even at 1amps with nice brightness8 градаций яркости и режимов, более 10 оттенков постоянного освещения, работа под водой... да где угодно от самого дешманского пауэрбанка, возможность наращивание секций ... хотя даже этого набора хватит, чтоб сделать ванну с подсветкой !!! Вообщем кто понял - рекомендую... (остальные пусть учат русский)
    сожалею, что заказал только 1шт / dissapointed that i've ordered only 1 psc...

    Jan 04,2018

  • CJJP
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    60 exact leds in 1 meter, the mini rgb control works perfect to choose the preferred color or the mode of the lights, it is also possible to regulate the intensity of the light and the speed of the mode.
    mmm any.

    May 14,2018

  • Johannes
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    Light strip LED
    very nice strip, great colors and different modes to choose from. Prize is aswell really good. Full recommendation from me. It does hold better if supported with some extra glue or Tesa. Nothing to complain about at this prize

    Nov 13,2018

  • Mizerable
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    Very Good
    The product seems very nice The lights are very good and brightThe user experience is nice cons The adhesive on the back of the lights is not that strong but it sticks

    Sep 08,2018

  • Carlo
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    Good LED RGB Strip Light
    Really god LED RGB Strip. I didn't think that the product quality will be good for this price. The strip has a controller for changing light mode, speed and colour

    Feb 27,2018

  • Erick Romero
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    Buen producto.
    Tiene una buena iliminacion considerando precio calidad.Buenos colores.Instalacion facil y rapida.Es corto para zonas especificas.
    Se confunde un poco a configurar los distintos modos que tiene por defecto.

    Jul 27,2018

  • Gohan
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    Cool lights
    very nice lights, I put them behind my TV and looks great, have diferent pattern of colors and intensity
    anyone, the product accoplish with the specifications descritped in the site

    Feb 15,2018

  • Herc
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    good quality
    very good quality for the money. everything is working fine. it is not a lost of money. i hope they will work long time

    Jan 11,2019

  • Chris21
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    Really nice product
    really nice product...nice quality.This item is for those who love rgd lights. This is item is great

    Mar 11,2018

  • Rui Costa
    Ja (0) Kleur: RGB Grootte: Waterproof
    led 5v
    transporte muito rápido.. leds de muita qualidade, para o preço... luz muito forte, para 5v.... .....
    não tem comando a distância....

    Feb 08,2018