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  • Ghita
    Useful an esssential
    nice material comes with a nice yellow and branded pick which is a very nice thought from the manifacturers. the packaging is well designed, veeeeery satisfying ughhh i love a good designed packaging holds the strings pretty well so far can't wait to become an eguitar band owner bit first i need to buy a guitar.

    Sep 06,2019

  • NadGob
    Good cheap capo
    I have bought 2 pcs, they are very well built for the price, good plastic is used, strong spring, good grip.
    I use it for my acoustic guitar, but it works for classical guitar too.
    I recommend it.
    The pick is too thick, maybe it is for bass guitar.

    Sep 01,2018

  • Leo Pap
    JOYO Capo
    Its the best capo in this price. Suits all my guitars. I would recomend this product for anyone who wants a VFM capo. Great product GB!
    A con which is not a con. The pick is for bass players, BUT nevermind, the pick is a gift!

    Mar 03,2018

    Great Capo for Low Price
    Build quality is extremely good for the price offered, been using this for a long time and the materials are still good as new, works great on a classical or folk acoustic guitar, but also on electric guitars.
    Won't work perfectly on a stratocaster guitar neck due to its small size, although maybe changing the spring included would probably give it the needed extra-strength.

    Dec 25,2016

  • Paulo Joshua
    Capotraste Joyo + Palheta Joyo
    Excellent capo! Excellent quality material, resistant and easy to handle! Very firm, and of cool appearance and design, very different from usual.
    It only took a while to arrive.

    Feb 17,2018

  • Cláudio Marques
    An efficient really light Capo
    with an extra, the pick, this capo is way lighter than other capos, even though is a strong one. highly recommended.

    Dec 17,2018

  • yassine arezou
    joyo light capo
    weed style
    nice color
    good material
    with pick

    Jan 09,2018

  • little bit s
    cheap and good
    good quality
    free pick including

    mostly, that is a good deal for the small price

    нормальный капо
    too short for classic guitar, OK for electric guitar. for the rest - no cons at all

    коротковат на классику

    Jun 27,2018

  • mrav23
    Portable Capo with Pick
    A good, affordable and high-quality product for all guitar lovers, I highly recommend. And It comes with pick...

    May 21,2018

  • Leo
    O capotraste me surpreendeu, apesar de ser plastico, parece resistente, muito bem acabado e funciona muito bem, superando alguns capo nacionais que utilizo. Muito barato! Recomendo!
    Nada contra!

    Jul 17,2018