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  • Aldo Filosa (Mr. Edo DJ)
    Caricabatterie di Bilanciamento per drone JJRC H31
    Salve a tutti miei cari amici di GearBest....

    Ho acquistato questo FANTASTICO Caricabatterie di Bilanciamento in contemporanea con l'acquisto del drone JJRC H31 di modo da poter avere qualche batteria in più per divertirmi con il mio nuovo drone!!!
    La cosa che più mi ha colpito di questo ECCEZIONALE caricabatterie é il fatto che mentre riesce a caricare contemporaneamente quatto batterie LiPo 3.7V 400mAh per il JJRC H31 in soli poco più di 50 minuti, ne va a bilanciare anche la loro carica, permettendo così una migliore efficienza e durata nel tempo....
    Vi consiglio molto vivamente a tutti se volete acquistare e/o se avete già acquistato un drone JJRC H31, di acquistare in contemporanea anche questo OTTIMO Caricabatterie di Bilanciamento con già quattro batterie incluse per il vostro drone....

    Feb 15,2019

  • Ernest Travis
    Got screwed
    Can't tell ya because GB still hasn't shipped. Ordered on Saturday, spent for fast shipping. Today is Thursday and I check my status to find out they haven't even shipped yet. You would think they would have mentioned they couldn't ship for a week. Especially if I spent for fast delivery. Is bullshit. Spent a lot of money here Litteraly bought at least 8 items all of them expensive. They should have sent at least some of it. They have put me in shity position. Not sure if I will ever spend money here again. What crapy service.
    See pros

    Sep 07,2017

  • Vit
    Аккумуляторы по размерам такие же, как и тот, что был в квадрокоптере. От оригинального отличаются только тем, что провода выведены с другой стороны и они немного короче, + на оригинальном аккумуляторе есть термоусадка на разьёме и какая-то жёлтая полоска в месте вывода проводов. По времени полёта нее отличаются от оригинального. В комплекте с зарядным устройством идёт блок питания с переходником под наши розетки и GearBest кладёт ещё один такой переходник. Всё работает, всё устраивает.

    Nov 08,2017

  • Joao Baptista
    Smart charger for drone batteries
    Very usefull, because a single batery takes a long time to charge, so with this you can charge up to four in that same time, well built and comes with EU and US adapter, and the four extra baterries are a nice addition to the flight time of your drone.
    None to report at this moment, and i think that there will be none.

    Feb 14,2017

  • Konstantinos
    Very good
    Four extra batteries for flying my JJRC Drone.
    Excellent charger that can charge all four batteries at the same time.
    It can be used with other batteries too...

    Jul 26,2017

  • Federico
    Very useful
    The battery are perfect for long flight time. The charger work well . In an hours you have 4 battery fully charged. Plastic feel cheap but build quality is not important.
    Cheap quality

    Nov 27,2016

  • William J
    Great charger.
    Great and fast charger for JJRC battery.
    When battery is full red light switch off.
    Good and cheap charger.

    Nov 30,2017

  • Vilhelm
    Yes, You Will Want This
    Why didn't I buy this earlier? This is the way to charge multiple batteries at the same time so you can quickly get your drone back in the air. Charging each battery one by one is a slow and painful ordeal. This solves that problem.

    Apr 15,2019

  • Ken
    Biggest pro is that they would ship these, when I couldn't get the original site to ship to Canada! The charger works perfectly too, with all batteries charging - first time - no problem.

    Jan 26,2017

    Nice goods so happy
    Good quality
    Nice battery for more play time
    Charge quick
    Definitely recommended

    Go buy them

    Dec 29,2017