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  • Steff
    very good, but not perfect
    For the price a really good deal.
    Light is bright, the mode stepping for me is perfect. UI with the tailswitch is a very good idea, but not concluded.
    It can happen that you go to strobe unwittingly, its flimsy. A soft side-touch on switch and stobe starts, when the side-switch is 2 seconds on, torch hold strobe. When this happend when the flashlight is holstered and you dont realize it, good night. The Flashlight need a stronger tailswitch side-activation whith clear resistance. Or better, only momentary strobe when touch and permanent strobe when turn the lamp on by clicky an then activate the strobe by continuously press sideswitch (whith memory for a planned strike) ((+ stronger tailswitch activation)). But the concept would be good idea, but in this arrangement not perfect. So once more, my olight m22 stay in duty.

    Nov 11,2018

  • André Luiz
    lanterna tática jetbeam.
    Comprei este produto por ser uma marca conhecida no mercado de lanternas táticas, sendo de excelente qualidade, peso do produto leve, suporta quedas de média altura, a prova d'água, com sistema inteligente de acionamento da luz pelo botão traseiro da lanterna que se adequa ao usuário de forma a facilitar seu uso, intensidade da luz do led impressiona pelo tamanho da lanterna, clip tático de aço no corpo da lanterna, vem com bolsa para cinto, recomendo a compra, entrega rápida no Brasil 27 dias úteis após a compra.
    vem com anel de borracha de vedação extra para manutenção, caso precise.
    produto muito bem embalado cx muito prática.

    Oct 21,2018

  • Peg harris
    Everything about it is high quality, on a night time jaunt to the mailbox the wide setting lit up everything in the driveway, choosing the narrow beam setting allowed a sharp piercing beam far into the trees on the other side of the road, the wide to narrow setting is adjusted by sliding the front end of the flashlight forward, slide it back for the wide beam setting, it is still as bright as when the battery was new, so I expect this new flashlight to hold a charge for over a year at least, high quality, bRIGHT flashlight, at a very reasonable price

    Dec 31,2017

  • S. Mansfield
    I like to keep a small flashlight handy in my office for when I have to chase cables under my desk, I had no idea LED technology had advanced that far to produce lights this bright, with fresh batteries, that old D-cell flashlight couldn't come close to this LED guy, I like the ability to focus the beam from wide to narrow and the size is perfect for my desk, the wrist strap is handy crawling under the desk and the push button works great, very happy with this purchase

    Sep 29,2018

  • Beverly McGee
    Those who know a thing or two about flashlights know that good ones for a reasonable amount of money are almost impossible to find, has a huge range with which it can focus its light beam, can be powered by a rechargeable battery, and is small and compact though much bigger than the cheap pocket ones, a full button depress turns the light on and off, while a partial button depress switches the mode, so much quality in that right there

    Feb 20,2018

  • Markus B.
    Jetbeam RRT1
    Eine gute Lampe für den Alltag zu einem guten Preis. Die Lampe ist sehr einfach zu bedienen, hat 3 Leuchtstufen und Strobe. Bedient wird sie per Drücker am Ende der Lampe, einmal drücken ist an ein weiteres mal aus. Wenn sie an ist kann man durch seitliches drücken/tippen durch die Modi wechseln oder wenn man seitlich getippt hält hat man Strobe. Ist die Lampe aus kann man durch seitliches drücken auch den Strobe aktivieren.

    Eine gute Lampe zu einem sehr guten Preis mit einacher Bedienung und von guter Qualität

    Dec 22,2018

  • scott whitley
    I just got it and tested switch mulitple times and it still works, looked at batt pack and under side of switch area and it all looks like a smaller LED light I have that's little black switch it beginning to fail, i'm looking for a more compact light to compliment my head lamp for those dark treaks out into and out of places, but if a fancy switch fails ... so as I said above we'll see look

    Jul 14,2018

  • Rosanne Hood
    It's six inches long in the wide light mode, one of the best features is the convex glass lens that gives it a wide angle general light that is almost like a car headlight, it also pulls out for a focused long distant beam, it uses AA batteries which give it longe life or a large rechargeable battery, gearlight also makes small flashlight that are top rated

    Mar 27,2018

  • Ales
    Jetbeam RRT1
    This is a very beautiful lamp with some very cool features, high quality luminaries, the switch performs well its function, the range of light is possible 230m. Thank you Gearbest

    Nov 15,2018

  • Khaled Attili
    There were no batteries in any store and Nathaniel from customer service sent me batteries for free, flashlight is super well constructed, wonderful quality, it has other awesome features too that you'll love, a must buy for someone who needs a GREAT flashlight for a good price

    Jul 27,2018