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  • Raymond
    Highly recommended.
    I bought this watch for many reasons, including health reasons and basic exercise reasons. it can monitor a variety of body functions, and with high accuracy. So far, this watch has gone very well.

    Mar 26,2020

  • Tammiey
    great buy!!
    I bought this Smart Watch for myself. This is the first step towards health. It worked. With this tracker, I'm more motivated.

    Mar 25,2020

  • Gerald Wellner
    Great product!
    This watch is a great tool to track steps and various other fitness related information.

    Mar 27,2020

  • Benjamin Chinery
    look fashionable
    they look fashionable and the most important thing is that they are really easy to use!

    Mar 22,2020

  • Hadley.GI
    It seems to accurately measure activity (approximate steps) and heart rate.

    Mar 25,2020

  • Octavia
    pretty good
    The watch is attractive, light weight and appears well made.

    Mar 29,2020