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  • Виктор
    Беспроводной накопитель
    Удобный в плане того, что работает как от ноутбука, так и от Powerbank. Доступ к файлам можно получить либо по USB, либо через WiFi. Недостатком является то, что приложение для Android работает только в том случае, когда в телефоне выбран английский язык. В других случаях приложение не запускается. За свои деньги отличный накопитель. Но очень долго ехал. Была выбрана достаточно недешевая доставка и гарантия доставки. В итоге ехал посылка почти три месяца. И мониторилась только первые 3 дня. Потом не отслеживалась вообще.

    Mar 01,2019

  • Phil F.
    Brought a `` dead'' computer back to life and boots a little faster because the buffer is bigger than the one it replaced which was an earlier model with virtually the same specs, i'm still not sure if the Acer's problems originated in the drive I took out of it or the memory chips I tried to add making the computer `` go nuts'' and `` beep continouously'' until we took out the chips and the original drive and put this one in, given problems I've had since trying to use the old drive, i'm just happy to have my system back in the land of the living ...

    Sep 08,2018

  • M. Fischer
    Like any new drive you need use your Computer Management Disk Manager to `` Initialize'' and format the drive for your operating system, overall the price is high for this size and type of drive, the fact remains Western Digital makes a good hard drive and their customer service is excellent

    Oct 21,2018

  • Vermont Consumer
    I got this drive because large SSD's just aren't large enough for my data, at the time of this writing this is the largest desktop hard drive available for purchase, this drive despite being mechanical is very quite, the other reviews pretty much said everything else

    Aug 22,2018

  • Edvinas
    iBIG Stor WiFi + USB 3.1 Portable 2.5 inch Hard Drive 1TB JUST INSANE!
    Just insane speeds and very good for WiFi compatibility, the design is also great, the case plastic is very solid and stylish, great that it have usb 3.1 port. I recommend it for everyone, who really use a WiFi, it's very easy to install.

    Dec 18,2018

  • Jack2
    Of course required that I buy a pretty decent hard drive to permanently store all the data my computer would save, of course required that I buy a pretty decent hard drive to permanently store all the data my computer would save

    Aug 18,2018

  • Judy B.
    Can't beat progress ... The hardware install was easy but Windows will by default only support up to two TBs, once I found the steps it was quick and drive G is now a full thee TBs ... The drive seems fast and quiet so far

    Sep 29,2018

  • jodom51
    There is a mechanical difference between this and other drives that make this a more reliable unit, when you think about the hassle of losing your data and what you'd be willing to pay to have it not happen

    Sep 11,2018

  • Frank Z
    It's a hard drive, it does hard drive things, two different desktop drives, one of which was an external desktop hard drive carried around in a college book bag so it was probably a well earned death

    Oct 13,2018

  • HueyinNC
    Great in the case of mounting/unmounting/restoring crashed computer/laptop systems as you are granted instant access to any Primary or Logical drives as though it were a basic data drive'' -RSB-

    Oct 07,2018