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    Nice car mount
    This product is what you expect from a air vent car mount. It holds firmly on your mobile device while driving and can offer you hands-free communication over bluetooth (if you have one in your car!)Magnet is as strong as it needs to be to withhold your device in position without fearing that it will drop off when you hit a bumper.This product will make your smartphone to become your GPS navigator while driving.You need to take into account that this product IS connected to your air vent as it is described with whatever disadvantages this means.Overall I would suggest this product, as it is of good quality and it is designed to support your need for a mobile holder.

    Jan 09,2019

  • Giova
    Ottimo Prodotto
    Esclusi giudizi sulla spedizione (si sa che i tempi sono mediamente lunghi se si acquista su GEARBEST), il prodotto è veramente ottimo!Confezione perfetta a garantire la protezione del prodotto.Supporto magnetico potentissimo che permette al cellulare una tenuta adeguata al supporto durante la marcia in vettura.Il supporto stesso ha 2 diverse misure per aggancio al bocchettone dell'aria in vettura.La confezione prevede 2 piastre metalliche adesive, una rotonda ed una rettangolare, da scegliere in base alle proprie esigenze/preferenze. Sono veramente molto soddisfatto della qualità del prodotto, con ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo.

    Dec 12,2018

  • Marcel
    Everything about this gadget is great! It's a quality product at a very low cost. The magnet is powerful, the material it's built from is good quality plastic and rubber and the simplicity makes it even more remarkable! It comes with 2 metal plates to attach it to your phone: a rectangular plate and round one.

    Jan 15,2018

  • lukesan
    Fantastic and practical
    I shoved the big metal plate between the phone and the back cover. You don't see it at all. The other part goes over the vent and is clean, doesn't damage your car at all.This one doesn't have any extension to adjust stuff so the phone sits against the dashboard in my case .. no rattles and no vibration.I bought a second one for my wife, since I have mine for over a year now but my friend bought it as soon as I opened the package, so I just ordered another two.

    Jul 16,2018

  • bubu
    安くていいです。パッケージはなくビニールの袋に入っているだけでした。マグネット本体と薄い鉄板が丸と四角が一枚ずつ入っています。 普通の両面テープがついていますのでスマホのケースに直接貼り付けるか、かなり薄めの鉄板なのでケースと本体の間にただ入れておくのも ありかなと思います。マグネットの先端が十字になっているので吹き出し口に十字ではめ込むように押し込むとしっかり固定できます。通常のスマホでしたら 普通に考えて走行中に外れることはなさそうです。なれるとスタンドタイプの物は使えなくなると思います。

    Jul 11,2016

  • Brian
    Great mobile holder
    The magnet is powerful and therefore the smartphone should hold on on every terrain. The item's clips also fit nicely and tightly to the car's air vent. What I liked particularly about this product is that the metal part you stick to your phone is not invasive and not visible if you use a cover.
    None from my end, but people having a different shape of the air vents might find this device not appropriate

    Nov 22,2017

  • Enrique
    Last cell holder you will buy
    Very handy gadget. It comes with 2 metal sticky pads. One for the cell and another for my GPS. The magnet holds up very well, I place the magnet behind the protective case and I do alot of off-road driving on weekends and the cell has not fell off the mount. Very easy to use, even a caveman can do it!
    None yet as of now..Its been 2 months in use

    May 04,2016

  • Oleg
    Best car holder
    It was shipped and delivered very fast. The quality of item is amazing for this price. I recomend this card holder to everyone. Thanks a lot to Gearbest.

    Jan 30,2017

  • Car phone holder
    Great holder
    Great holder. 2 magnetic plates for the phone. Phone keeps very well. For a week of use, it never falls.
    Dust gathering on the holder

    Feb 16,2018

  • JC
    Very useful and comfortable solution for car mobile holder
    Very easy to install and quick release to mount in the car Two types of magnet to attach to the mobile The magnets are enough powerful to hold the mobile secure
    No one for the moment

    Oct 20,2015