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  • Paddy Max
    Perfect sandals for me
    These sandals were as good or better than I expected. Thick, solid sole, correct colored, and the special toe designs seems very durable. I bought them for my next camping trip, wish to get a pair lightweight & breathable sandals, these are perfect for my needs! Overall the product is as described and as I expected.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Geraldine Esther
    My husband loves these sandals.
    I got these for my husband. He wears sandals but often felt his toes weren't protected. These shoes are perfect. They protect his toes, are super comfortable, and have great ventilation. The soles have good grip, he could hike in these. Will most likely buy them again.

    Jun 21,2019

  • Colin
    Really funky shoes
    Love these shoes. Like a second skin to wear.Sunburn through holes though has created a strange pattern of tanned flesh on my foot :-)Really light to wear and leather very soft and supple.Way better than I had expected.Not a wide shoe but ordered +2 sizes and they fit fine.Will likely buy another pair, while I can.

    Dec 28,2018

  • Wade Stofko
    These shoes are terrific, Not only to the help my feet and my back they are pretty damn cute, Usually when I wear flip flops my feet and legs get so tired but not with these, I have really wide feet and getting any shoe to fit is a challenge let alone something nice looking and good for my posture and gait

    Oct 20,2018

  • mpr67
    I forget I have them on because they mold perfectly to my high arch feet, When i realize I have to take them off and put shoes on I am a little sad, If you have high arches these are AMAZING, THE best pair of flip flops I have ever owned and would buy them again

    Sep 22,2018

  • Donald Beduhn
    comfortable and have a great non-skid sole for the floors, A good cushioned flip flop is necessary on the tile floors as we noticed that we were having issues with our hips hurting and once we started wearing these rather than going barefooted

    Oct 28,2018

  • craig kennedy
    they fit a bit loose -LRB- I bought a full size down and I do not have a narrow nor wide foot/average -RRB- your foot moves a bit in the shoe, The negative is that the shoe looks old immediately, good quality ... just not a shoe to be proud of after a week or so

    Sep 13,2018

  • Kris D.
    I had bought a black pair elsewhere and love them, so I knew I had ordered the correct size, I love the arch support, This is the only brand I've found with great arch support, It makes the shoes comfortable and allows me to wear them all day

    May 17,2018

  • POVoutfitter
    These shoes are very cute, The arch support on these thong sandals is great, That would be great if you had somewhat thicker or wider feet, and so sometimes my feet swell due to heat, so I will keep the shoes to wear as my `` swollen feet'' shoes

    Jul 06,2018

  • van h.
    I have a very narrow foot -LRB- AA -RRB- and high arch and although these sandals are beautiful, they are a little too wide for my foot even though they are narrows, I am keeping them and will wear them with toe socks so they will fit better

    Sep 25,2018