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  • B. Delgado
    Much better than driving with your phone in your hand
    This phone holder is great. My wife had been resistant to getting a mount like this because she was afraid it would either be distracting or block air flow from the vent. Well I am happy to report that after just a couple days of having this installed, she loves it now.
    I love that it puts your phone in easy reach for using navigation apps while driving. And it's seems very durable, worth the money.

    Oct 30,2019

  • Jhon Huartan
    Quality product
    I cannot be more satisfied with this phone holder. It saves lives to some extents! It mounts to the air vent perfectly with just one simple step. It can't get anymore easier than that.
    On top of that, I personally love the color, so that's another plus. I would recommend it to any one to be honest.

    Nov 06,2019

  • Sanji Vinsmoke
    Great buy
    -Easy to insert into the car vent.
    -Easy to load phone in and out.
    -Super sturdy. Even over bumps on the road, the phone didn't fall out.
    -High quality material. It doesn't feel cheap.
    Overall, this was a great purchase. I look forward to using it day to day and especially for long road trips.

    Nov 03,2019

  • Vlad
    Выглядит дешево
    не соответствует картинке, никаких металлических вставок нет, покупал на подарок, но выглядит очень дешево, хотя держит телефон отлично и конструкция хорошая, вызывает недоверие пластик, знал бы что будет так то купил бы на другом ресурсе такое же но в три раза дешевле, думал здесь будет качественный оригинал.

    Jan 11,2020

  • Monroe Wood
    l always hated phone mounts that are bulky, stick to the windscreen and break easily. I was impressed with this mount as it requires no metal plate behind the phone case and is very east to use. You just slide the phone in any position and it will stay there!

    Oct 01,2019

  • JM
    Phone support holder for car
    Very ingenious phone support. With this support my phone gets hold safely, even during bumpy travelling or curvy roads.
    The side supports are solid and completely hold the phone, not allowing it to slip or fall. Very satisfied!

    Dec 23,2019

  • Sousa
    Recebido e de acordo com o espectável.
    No entanto, e em relação à fixação na zona indicada para colocação no veiculo automóvel, não consegui que o mesmo se mantenha de uma forma eficaz para que seja eficaz a sua eficiência.
    Vou tentar outra solução para que o mesmo fique seguro de forma eficaz sem que o mesmo descaia.

    Nov 07,2019

    Good phone holder
    The item is made entirely of plastic, it's working as advertised, the quality is OK, overall satisfied with the purchase.

    Dec 27,2019

  • rem
    Получил быстро ( 13 дней) именно то что и ожидал , телефон хорошо держит даже при сильной вибрации. Удобное крепление.

    Nov 05,2019

  • Kevin
    Fait e job !
    Commander comme support pour mon téléphone pour la conduite. celui que j'avais me masquait la vue.
    Support très fonctionnel et qui tient grâce à sa pince à l'arrière qui l'évite de tomber pendant les secousses de la conduite. Je recommande !

    Nov 02,2019