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  • bigD
    Half in ear half sound earbuds
    I bought these because of the gocomma brand which is usually very good in my experience. These however are not of high quality. Tried them at the gym yestreday and my other earbuds block noises around me but these let all other noises into my ear and are useless for the purpose for which I bought them

    Apr 12,2019


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  • Алекс
    headphones хорошие наушники
    Good cheap headphones, the sound is average, but with the task for every day is very suitable. Pretty strong, good in ears, good flexible wire. Fast delivery, I recommend to purchase. Already buying several times, always satisfied with the quality.

    Dec 20,2018

  • Serge
    Worth of it's price
    These earphones have a really low price although the quality of materials and the sound are much better. So they really can be compared to more expensive headphones.Although if you seek something with a deep bass - then it's not your variant. They have a lot of middle, a bit of hi & low.Recomend it to buy here.

    Jan 01,2019

  • abdelhak
    Gocomma G07
    Bon casque pas cher, le son est moyen, mais avec la tâche de tous les jours est très approprié. Assez fort, bon dans les oreilles, bon fil flexible. Livraison rapide, je recommande d'acheter. Déjà acheter plusieurs fois, toujours satisfait de la qualité.

    Jan 04,2019

  • Alex
    Cabled earphones
    very good build quality and fits my ear perfectly !!!!!! the sound is satisfying and i had no problem use them in a phone call. the cable is flattened, so no cable tangling issues. for such a price it's a real deal !!!!!!!!

    Feb 17,2019

  • Maksym Barbashyn
    very bad sound
    низкая цена, но очень плохой звук. низкое качество провода, думаю он скоро сломается. не смотря на низкую цену, есть более качественные наушники. не рекомендую!

    Jan 08,2019

  • gocomma
    дешевые наушники, регулятор громкости работает, кнопка тоже, не запутываются, звук плохой, неудобные - наушник длинный, специфические лепестки, но подходят, если нужно слышать окружающий звук, и для разговоров.

    Aug 30,2019

  • Виталий
    Сложно оценить наушники за 50 рублей)) Звук тихий, по качеству самый обычный. Плоский провод. В ушах лежат так-се, но с такой формой они все так лежат в ушах, так что тут ничего неожиданного. За такую цену точно брать можно и нужно.

    Dec 19,2018

  • Praveen
    Gocomma G07 Black Ear phone with mic
    Excellent product from GearBest, I purchased this product at just $1.00. Very very good product ergonomic product.I choose GearBest because of the quality and trust.Rating 5*

    Jan 18,2019

  • szobeth
    cheap earphone
    Működik, de nem túl jó minőségű, de ennyi pénzért csoda, hogy szól. Tartalék fülhallgatónak tökéletes. Well...It is working. Not the best quality but for this money it's a gift.

    May 11,2019