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  • David
    geekvape blade
    it's very comfy laying in the Hand, bright display, the Button is solid, an the Option of putting three different Types batteries (in 2 Slots) is very unique, i use it everyday,never complained. everything on this device feels like pure quality, i would recommend it to anybody
    it alarms you, when the atomizer is overheating (even cuts 10% of Power, when its gettin too hot), also it alarms you if "atomizer short", which means it protects itself, instead of exploding.

    Also - plenty of Accessoires; seal rings, extra screws, A screwdriver, 3 different driptips, A 2ml glass and a 4ml glass (with Extension)
    The options can be really confusing sometimes, because there are plenty of them. (i dunno if its a con or a pro :D)

    May 10,2018

  • Geekvape BLADE
    I hope it will help you to buy this mode
    Really good mode with interesting parametrs especially with TC mode that I try and for this price I think it works perfectly. Also with two 21700 batteries its powerfull mode and I really want to have this kind of mode.
    So shape of this mode is really comfortable in hand and you can pick it several ways.
    Its just awesome
    For someone color could be problem, but this aspect I dont really care.
    The mode is a pretty heavy with batteries, so I dont recommend who want only some good-looking mode.
    On display or protect of the display I did accidentally few scratches with my nail, but its only my matter I think, so I just warning that can happen.
    Maybe brightness when you are out and sun is shining that can be problem even you maximize the brightness of display, but I dont explore it well.

    May 27,2018

  • Anne
    Geekvape BLADE 235W colourmix
    Ich benutze diesen Akkuträger schon sehr lane und habe mir auch noch einen 2. gekauft. Er ist absolut zuverlässig. Selbst diverse Stürze aus unterschiedluchen Höhen haben ihm nichts ausgemacht. Das Material ist wohl ein spezieller Kunststoff, der nahezu unverwüstlich ist. Er ist sehr leicht für diese Grösse und liegt sehr gut in der Hand. Absolute Kaufempfehlung für denjenigen, der es farbig mag.

    Apr 11,2019

  • Heis.
    Excellent mod. It is very nice and well processed. He is different from the others. The distinction of this mode is great. I recommend to buy. Surely not to be disappointed!

    May 12,2018

  • Philam
    Beautiful Beast
    First of all this mod looks amazing. Pair it up with 20700s or 21700 batteries and you'll have power for days. I've only had it for about two weeks but so far I haven't had any issues and it's been my daily driver.
    The only con I have about it is that 18650 batteries are extremely tight in the battery sled. Over time it will definitely tear up the battery wrapping and potentially crush the button top.

    Aug 21,2018

  • Ник
    Geekvape BLADE 235W
    Отличный боксмод, хороший, красивый, приятный, большая мощность, яркуий экран и расцветка еще ярче, хорошо садятся хорошие баки, недорого, доволен.

    May 30,2018

  • Blade Mod
    Wonderful yet Powerful Mod
    Powerful and Intelligent chip; Capable of receiving 3 batteries types (18650, 20700 and 21700); Stylish color, always different one from another

    May 28,2018

  • Anne
    Geekvape BLADE 235W
    Mein bester Akkuträger bisher. Er scheint unverwüstluch zu sein. Hat div. Stürze überlebt, ohne sichtbaren oder unsichtbaren Schaden zu nehmen. Er ist sehr leicht, da aus farbigem Kunststoff gefertigt. Liegt gut in der Hand und ist Dank eines Adapters für 2 verschuedene Akkugrössen geeignet. 18650 oder 29700 je 2 Stück

    Apr 11,2019

  • Jimmy34fr
    Awesome !
    A very good mod from Geekvape.
    Pros :
    Can use 18650, 20700 or 21700
    Good quality / High power
    Not too heavy

    None at this time

    Aug 29,2018

  • Sascha
    Geekvape Blade
    Sehr geiler akkuträger.
    Optisch macht er auch durch die Farben richtig was her.
    Vorteile sind das man verschiedene Akkus benutzen kann.
    Ist sehr leicht.
    Könnte etwas kleiner sein

    Jun 22,2018