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  • jega29
    Nice tool
    - Inexpensive and easy to carry around
    - Sharpens well

    I am still a novice sharpening blades so until I get better this tool serves its purpose well. The angle of sharpening is correct and offers both, a carbide and a ceramic stone for the job. If the blade is very dull or has imperfections the carbide one makes a good fine edge. The ceramic one provides a mirror like finish on the edge. With just a few passes is enough for it to work. The diamond coated stick works great for serrated edges too.

    Jun 08,2018

  • billar
    ABS Knife Sharpener
    Pocket sharpener, with a diamond small mussat. For sharpening in the field. The impression is positive. There are ceramic plates for coarse and fine sharpening and a mousse for dressing. The plastic is strong, There is no smell. Moussat is suitable.

    Карманная точилка, с алмазным маленьким муссатом. Для заточки в полевых условиях. Впечатление положительное. имеются пластины керамики для грубой и тонкой заточки и муссат для правки. Пластик крепкий, Запаха нет. Муссат годный.

    Jan 11,2018

  • Ph4nt0m
    A prendre pour ce qu'il est, un affuteur de poche occasionnel.
    Partant de cet idée, c'est un produit correct.
    3 zones d'affutages pour corriger ou affiner le fil de la lame.
    Il est petit et tient dans la poche, mais sa taille le rend difficile à maintenir.
    Les matériaux sont tout juste correct.
    La qualité d'affutage suffisante pour un dépannage occasionnel en campagne.
    On en a pour son argent.
    Pauvre qualité du plastique
    L'axe de la queue de rat diamanté est prehistorique
    Les matériaux usinants (tungstene, ceramique, diamant) semblent s'user rapidement.

    Mar 28,2018

  • AGraba
    Works fine!
    This is a very nice item for my edc!
    It's small enough to fit in my jeans-pocket and works really good!
    I tried it on my swiss army knife: Used the ceramic side five times on mx knife and it now has a vety sharp edge again!

    Feb 17,2017

  • Brian
    Very Handy Sharpener
    For the price this item is an excellent value. It provides all the features of similar, yet higher priced sharpeners. I had no issues touching up a couple different knife edges with it the day it arrived. Overall for the price, it's worth adding to any knife order.
    Plastic construction is a little flimsy but that is to be expected for the price.

    Feb 14,2018

  • Lupascu
    Very nice tool
    With just a few passes is enough for it to work. It does a very good job on every type of knive.
    Both ceramic and carbide are very useful.
    It's inexpensive, best at this price range

    Oct 17,2018

  • Owen
    Great pocket sharpener
    Good build quality and can easily slip into your pocket. Seems very durable and sharpens well. Will probably buy a few more.

    Mar 21,2017

  • Iskander_69
    Бюджетная походная точилка
    Сносная бюджетная точилка для вылазок на природу/дачу. Доставка в Беларусь - всего 12 дней. Рекомендую для таких случаев.

    Nov 08,2018

  • Michael
    - Easy to use
    - 3 sharpening options: Carbide / Ceramic / Diamond
    - Compact and lightweight
    - Inexpensive
    No cons.

    Apr 13,2018

  • Michael
    Easy to use compact and lightweight sharpener.
    Comes 3 sharpening options: Carbide, Ceramic and Diamond.

    Nov 06,2018