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KZ ZS6 Op maat gemaakte hybride hifi in-ear oortelefoons
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KZ ZS6 Op maat gemaakte hybride hifi in-ear oortelefoons

- Zwart

Dual Balanced Armature en Dual Dynamic Driver Units / Handsfree bellen
4.81 451 klanten-reviews | Raadpleeg de Engelse beschrijving
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Belangrijkste kenmerken: ● Geïntegreerde 2 dynamische eenheid en 2 gebalanceerde armatureneenheden voor elke oordop aan de zijkant, bieden een breder frequentiebereik en meer overvloedige geluidsdetails. ● 7 - 40 KHz superbreed frequentiebereik, biedt het geluidsveld van de kaart en vangt meer overvloedige geluidsdetails, meeslepend geluidseffect. ● Metalen schaal van aluminium, professionele elektronische frequentieverdeling. ● Afneembaar ontwerp, gemakkelijk te monteren en gemakkelijk te onderhouden, voldoet ook aan verschillende eisen aan lijnen. ● 3,5 mm vergulde L-bocht, compatibel met de meeste elektronische apparaten, zoals telefoons, computer, walkman, MP3 enzovoort. ● Ingebouwde dunne ijzerdraad in koord, je kunt het dragen en aan je oor hangen om te voorkomen dat je valt of valt tijdens het sporten. ● High-definition microfoon ondersteunt een duidelijk en soepel gesprek. ● Bediening via het snoer, eenvoudig pauzeren / afspelen van muziek, wisselen van nummer en beantwoorden / weigeren.



Merk: KZ
Model: ZS6
Type: In-Ear
Materiaal: Aluminium profiel
Type dragen: In-Ear


Kabellengte (m): 1.2m
Compatibel met: Computer,Mobiele telefoon,MP3,PC,Draagbare mediaspeler
connectiviteit: Bedrade
Bestuurdereenheid: 8mm
Frequentierespons: 7Hz - 40KHz
Type stuurprogramma: Hybride
Impedantie: 15ohms
Plug Type: 3.5mm,L-Bend
Gevoeligheid: 105dB

Dimensies en gewicht

Productgewicht: 0,0250 kg
Pakket gewicht: 0.0950 kg
Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 8,20 x 11,20 x 4,20 cm / 3,23 x 4,41 x 1,65 inch


Verpakkingsinhoud: 1 x koptelefoon

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4.81 uit 5
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  • Omega Audio
    Ja (1) Kleur: Black
    ZS6-A Decent All-Rounder WITH a caveat...
    The ZS6 from KZ is essentially a ZS5 with a finished casing and porting on the side to allow for a slightly wider soundstage, therefore, if you already have the ZS5's, DO NOT buy these. For anyone who has not yet purchased a pair ZS5's or ZS6's yet, the 6's are the way to go. Here's Why:


    To settle the score,...yes, these are (unfortunately) a shameless copy of the Campfire Audio Andromeda IEMs, which retail for over 1,000 USD. That being said, however, this means that the chassis on which these IEMs are built on is very good.

    -FIT & BUILD-

    The ergonomics of these earphones is very good. I do not think these IEMs were fatiguing at all to wear, despite their odd shape. Because the casing is based on the Andromedas, these ZS6s are actually quite enjoyable to wear when commuting or listening at home. The all-metal build does not add onto the perceived "weight" of these IEMs and actually assures the wearer that if they do drop them, they'll still keep going long after their unfortunate accident.


    Sound quality is very decent for a budget-Fi IEM. Bass and Sub-bass levels are spot-on, with the bass being more aggressive and punchy. Mids are a bit recessed, but not too pushed back that you can't hear male/female vocals with good detail. Here is the caveat with these IEMs...You MUST get Comply foam Eartips. The level of sibilance that occurs within the high frequencies is just too much, and even after about two or three hours, these IEMs become unbearable to listen to. That being said however, KZ should be proud with the improvement on their already well-performing ZS5's and the ZS6's are a great IEM to collect, if you are collector of Knowledge Zenith audio earphones.


    For the price, the Knowledge Zenith ZS6 IEMs are a great pair of budget-Fi earphones, IF you can replace the stock eartips with Comply eartips. With ZS6's being even lower than the price I bought them for, they really are a no-brainer for college students or just anyone looking for good-sounding IEMs on a budget.

    EQUIPMENT USED FOR THIS TESTING IS AS FOLLOWS--- (All music files used will be in either MP3 320-kbps or FLAC files)


    DESKTOP SETUP: Foobar2000 on Windows 10 PC w/ Micca Origen G2+ DAC/Amp

    Music Files Used: Final Fantasy X (HD Remaster) Soundtrack, Plastic Memories Soundtrack, 311- Transistor Album, Frederic Chopin- Noctourne No. 9, Beethoven "Rage over a Lost Penny", Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack Vol. I/Vitamin-less

    Nov 13,2018

  • William Zamora
    Ja (5) Kleur: Black
    Kz zs6 los mejores audífonos por su precio
    Los ordene el 19 de diciembre y llegaron el 5 de enero, 16 días después, muy rápido.
    Tengo hace una semana los kz zs6 y solo los puedo comparar con mis shure se215 que tengo hace 4 años, estas son mis conclusiones:

    Shure 215 vs kz zs6

    Shure 215
    Sonido más bajo, más oscuro, no se sienten casi los platillos, pérdida general de detalle Instrumental, menos bajo, voces presentes y cálidas.

    Kz zs6
    Sonido más alto, separación y gran presencia Instrumental, muchísima más claridad, tridimensionalidad, platillos se escuchan clarísimos, más bajo pero sin opacar el resto de frecuencias, las voces más presentes pero cálidas, un poco más agudo pero nada fatigante para mi gusto, igual se puede disminuir con el ecualizador. En general muchísima más precisión.

    Las olivas de serie no me gustan, compre las de espuma con memoria de forma KZ pero no se quedan en ancladas en los auriculares y se salen con facilidad muchas veces quedando dentro de mi oído, las cambie por unas olivas que vienen con los auriculares Sony hybrid in-ear que traen el núcleo de colores según la talla y una espuma o foam entre el núcleo y el capullo plástico creando una mayor aislación y éstas no se salen fácilmente.

    Relación calidad precio:
    shure se215 ~100 US, construcción plástico.
    KZ ZS6 ~30 US, construcción aluminio.

    Los KZ ZS6 suenan y se ven como auriculares de 200 dólares o más, me atrevo a decir que superan fácilmente a los shure se315 que rondan los 200 dólares y traen solo un driver dinámico.

    Ha sido algo muy grato y revelador redescubrir mi librería musical, estoy escuchando cosas que antes no sabia que estaban hay, en la canción, e escuchado sonido de truenos en una canción de radical face que no había escuchado antes, en una de las canciones de miwa la cantante japonesa a alguien se le olvidó apagar su celular y alcanzó a timbrar 4 veces por un breve momento durante la grabación, ese es un sonido que aunque lo avía escuchado antes no sabía que era de un celular y con estos audífonos lo pude notar con tanta claridad que hasta pude contar cuantas veces timbró.

    La comparación la hice usando mi reproductor fiio x1 II Generación y mi amplificador fiio A3, use sólo archivos de audio en formato FlaC a 24 bits.

    Jan 09,2018

  • I.T
    Ja (0) Kleur: Red
    Everyone says this pair is the bomb. It's not. Not without a tip change anyways (You have no idea how much of a difference it made. Went from unusable to nearly perfect in an instant).

    The look and feel of the quality is great. The cable could be better. I got the silver cable upgrade with them so I can't comment on that. But that's not really the main point of headphones; music is.

    My ears are a bit small, so pain was an issue after about 20 minutes of wearing the earphones.

    The bass is pretty deep and punchy, not muddy at all.
    The treble is the main weakness of these earphones. They are way too high. As soon as you press play, you realize how high. Hi-Hats made my eyes squint from being uncomfortable. Cymbal sounds started being annoying to the point of anger within minutes. Even the artists themselves singing was hard to listen to. The sound might seem like it's amazingly "Clean", but it's just way over the top to the point of being unhealthy to the ears. My ears couldn't handle it for long, and I'm not into equalizing every second.
    After I tried everything I could, I swapped the silicone tips from another pair of earphones I have. These tips have a wider opening. It blew my away instantly. The highs are still too high, but not to the point of making me too uncomfortable. The cymbals/Hi Hats are significantly less noticeable. The music as a whole sounded more warm and easier to listen to.

    I'm gonna keep looking until I find the perfect pair of tips to bring perfection out of these earphones.

    Still, even after the tip change, I prefer my $20 Blitzwolf earphones, and that's entirely because of the high treble. Sad.

    Nov 30,2018

  • Andrew
    Ja (0) Kleur: Red
    Excellent Product for the price.
    I've been hearing so much hype on these earbuds that i had to get one and so, I did. so here i what comes with the package:
    - removable cable
    - rubber ear tips
    - 2 ear kz zs6 earphones
    - instruction manual
    at first glance, these earphones looked great. the red color popped, the construction (aluminium) look well built but only time will tell if this earphone will last the test of time. more on that later. i never used the cables that came along with the earphone but it felt ok. the ear tips that came along with the earphone look cheap but surprisingly it worked ok until you can get your hand on aftermarket foam tips. Each earphone has two balanced armatures and two dynamic drivers. Okay, enough of the jibber-jabber how does it sound? well, here are the pros and cons of the sound.
    - great sub-bass
    - mids are good

    - Highs can get a little fatiguing on certain songs.

    So, if you like bass, sub-bass this is the earphones for you. this is not for critical listening, this is not a reference earphone. if you are into modern music, top 40, hip-hop, pop, edm, i don't think you will be disappointed.
    Now as for built. as you can hopefully see in the pictures, the paint has some wear on them because i have had this earphone for at least 2 years now and it still works flawlessly. i use it for the gym, commute, drop it a few times and still works like the day i got them. For the price and sound, it's really hard to beat. KZ has a winner in the kz zs6.

    May 28,2019

  • Alex
    Ja (1) Kleur: Black
    KZ ZS6
    Возможно, стоило б поэксплуатировать данные наушники в течении, хотя бы, пары недели, прежде чем писать отзыв. Но, так уж вышло.

    В первую очередь хочется отметить, что денег своих они однозначно стоят. Звучание приятное, как по мне "ровное".
    Присутствует так называемая "сцена". Особенно в звучании порадовали вч, сч с их "детальностью".
    Приятное впечатление о себе оставила эргономика этой модели. Совершенно никакого дискомфорта с постоянным поправлением наушников. Вопреки многим другим отзывам привыкать мне не пришлось, одел и насладился сразу.
    Следует заметить, что и провод также оказался весьма неплохим, мягкий, гибкий, с г-образным джеком. Коннекторы в самих наушниках сидят очень плотно, не вываливаются.
    Не заметил, также довольно часто упоминаемой, проблемы с задранными высокими частотами.
    Здесь следует сразу оговориться: Слушаю я музыку преимущественно электронную, на классических композициях (с живыми инструментами) не тестировал.

    По общему впечатлению вау-эффекта они, конечно, не вызывают, но звучание вкупе с добротной сборкой и неплохими материалами внушают доверие.
    Говоря о недостатках, лично мне слегка не хватило низких частот. Возможно, проблема исключится после полноценного "прогрева". В остальном же - время покажет.

    Jan 06,2018

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