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  • Noel P.
    Necesario para el Ninebot plus
    Un accesorio que pide a gritos el ninebot plus, cuando se apaga no se sotiene solo, por lo que hay que apoyarlo contra una parde o algo. Con este accesorio se puede quedar sujeto sin caerse en cualquier lugar, por ejemplo cuando se va a tomar un café.

    Se instala sustituyento la tapa que trae originalmente y queda muy chulo con el logotipo, por lo que, por su precio, es una compra totalmente recomendable.

    Adjunto un vídeo y fotos para que veáis su funcionamiento.

    Aug 25,2018

  • Zelina
    Ninbot holder
    Original genuine Ninebot accessory for a reasonable price. It comes with new white cover on which the stand needs to be attached, replacing the old one. Easy installation, good quality.
    Fast delivery, well packed.
    no issues

    Apr 11,2018

  • Ludmila
    Xiaomi Ninebot mini plus Parking Stand
    Необходимая вещь для mini plus, теперь 9бот никуда не убегает:), и не падает «лицом в грязь»:)
    Качество материалов отличное
    Идеально подходит под общую стилистику, не портит внешний вид
    Легкий монтаж
    Цена ниже чем в других магазинах, доставка 15 дней

    Mar 26,2018

  • Łukasz
    bardzo dobrze wykonany i pasuje idealnie zabawka teraz ma sie na czym opierać :)

    bardzo szybka wysyłka paczka u mnie w domu po 14 dniach.

    bardzo dobry kontakt ze sklepem

    polecam każdemu kto posiada xiaomi ninebota mini plus bardzo się przydaje

    Aug 28,2018

  • BrandonRyan
    The top is very short but the wheels and trucks are very steady, The wheels roll smoothly like a cruiser but it is really hard to stop the skateboard since it is so short, I guess you give and take for the low price

    Oct 02,2018

  • Stane
    The original ninebot foot fits very well.
    good quality easy to use I am very satisfied.
    Delivery was a quick packing of good original packaging.

    Apr 02,2018

  • 4duros
    UNBOXING Xiaomi Parking Bracket for Ninebot Mini Self Balancing Scooter Plus
    Original brand, perfect fit, very well manufactured. Good package that gives good transport protection. Quality product.
    Seems a bit hard to assembly, but it warrants an stronger fit.

    Feb 12,2018

  • Joshua Ryan Butler
    board flexes but not unrideable, if you can get past the beautiful design on the board then get a real penny board, if not replace at least the wheels and bearings

    Feb 08,2018

    The initial quality appeared much better than I expected for the price and they seem to be a great intro for the boys to learn on without us being out a fortune

    Apr 15,2018

  • Cristian Rizzo
    cavalletto per ninebot mini pro plus
    Cavalletto per ninebot mini pro plus, fatto molto bene e funzionale, ora provo posso parcheggiare tranquillamente l hiverbiard

    Nov 28,2018