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  • Moore
    High quality
    This screen protector is fantastic and I wish I could rate it 6 stars. In a horrific chain of events I tragically dropped my phone from approximately 4 3/4 feet directly onto cold hard pavement littered with gravel. (Dropped it out my car window) I hesitantly exited my vehicle and then proceeded to step directly on top of the phone which was screen side down. To my dismay I observed multiple cracks on the screen of my almost new Mi 9. I then did the drive of shame back home where I could more closely observe the catastrophic damage to my phone screen. I slowly pulled it out of my pocket as a single tear ran down my face. Suddenly I was overcome with an epiphany. I had purchased and installed this glass protector on my phone. Is it possible that my screen was still intact? I slowly peeled back the screen and was filled with joy. My screen was unscathed. I snapped a picture of the decimated screen cover, and gave it a proper viking burial. Thank you for your service tempered glass screen protector.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Baker
    Quality glass screen protector
    Bought for my new Mi 9. Excellent screen protector with smooth glass like feel. It was extremely frustrating putting it on. Due to the curved glass, the protector is cut so it must be laid precisely and it takes a STEADY hand, infinite patience, and a steamy room to install it so there is no dust and no halo effect on the sides. The camera and home button cutouts should be used as guides, but it also makes it difficult to install because you have to align the cutouts and the sides just right. It took me a lot of attempts and several packs before I got amazing results. Even then, the cutouts are not perfectly aligned and noticeably askew, but it does not affect the camera or home button.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Allen
    Excellent screen protection
    I don't normally write interviews for stuff like this because I think it's hard to give details about it. It either works or it doesn't, you know? I have had this screen protector on my phone for about 10 months. I have dropped my phone numberous times on a variety of surfaces since then and this protector has been chugging along just fine. It didn't even have any scratches on it! This afternoon I tripped and when I reached out my hand to break my fall it happened to be the hand I was holding my phone in. My phone survived but my screen protector cracked where I landed on a pebble. However, I am giving this a 5 star rating because my actual phone screen is totally unblemished.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Baker
    Buy it!
    I’m editing my review as I’m now ordering my THIRD kit. A few minutes ago my wife tripped over our Lab andfell, landing on some rocks. She had her phone in her hand, landing screen down. She had no idea I had put a screen protector on her phone and pointed to the sharp impact point and spider web of broken glass. I pulled the badly broken protector off and zero damage to her overpriced Mi 9! Thank you! So I would definitely buy again when I get a new phone some day. It's 100% worth the cost.

    Jun 21,2019

  • White
    Easy Quick and Best screen protector
    I have used so many screen protectors, including great brands like Peel. However, I never had good experience in applying the screen protectors.
    This screen protector is exceptional. I brought this protector for my Mi 9. It worked perfectly fine and I could able to apply this protector without any any issues.

    Jun 21,2019

  • IVAN
    ochranné sklá na MI 9
    Prišlo veľmi rýchlo. Pasuje presne na displej môjho nového telefónu xiaomi MI 9. Som s tovarom spokojný lebo budem mať chránený displej proti poškriabaniu a lebo rozbitiu. Po inštalácii skla displej dobre reaguje na dotyk prsta.

    Jul 03,2019

  • Tyler
    as good as the expensive ones we had
    Love these screen protectors. Even better than how awesome they are and affordable too is that just like the expensive ones we used to buy these also come with all the cleaning supplies to prep your screen before applying your new screen protector. 

    Jun 22,2019

  • Rajeev Nair
    Not perfect but its decent. The notch design is slightly different. Left and Right side have some gapps. But its ok product.. Very fast shipping by seller.

    Jul 22,2019

  • SK
    Fast SHipping Thanks good Service Thanks Super Tool Super ServiceFast SHipping Thanks good Service Thanks Super Tool Super ServiceFast SHipping Thanks good Service Thanks Super Tool Super ServiceFast SHipping Thanks good Service Thanks Super Tool Super ServiceFast SHipping Thanks good Service Thanks Super Tool Super Service

    Oct 10,2019