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  • J. Myers
    Just got it at weekend and now is using this new phone ... Impressively moved by its high quality phone material and great looking design, and sharp display image but weak point is when you use it at outdoor with sun Glasses on, and great speaker sound quality, camera looks good and I think it has more space to improve, and so many other great features so far I don't have not have enough time to check all yet ...

    May 28,2018

  • Youssef
    Cubot J3 PRO 4G Phablet
    Cubot J3 Pro is a good phone for normal users or medium users for making call chatting, and play some vid games, but if you looking for something higher than that, this phone isnt suitable with ya, so i do recommended for phone on this Zoon

    Aug 05,2019

  • Sree
    Many manufacturers are creating devices at budget friendly prices that are quite comparable to the more expensive ones, the Huawei device for perfectly into the budget friendly category, it can't do EVERYTHING the newest device on the market can do, It is a great price for such a well made, Seriously recommend this phone if you are budget conscious

    Jul 10,2018

  • Adam Wood
    Asus definitely makes a great product for the price, This phone has a massive battery also has the option to act as a charger for other devices, Snappy controls dual SIM could be useful for someone who travels abroad and buys prepaid minutes, Asus can definitely compete with the big manufactures of devices

    Jul 08,2018

  • Daniel Schooling
    Good price, The only problem he had was when he watches utube videos during the video it goes black screen, He said he could still hear video just screen goes black then he has to get out of it and come back to it and it is fine, Other than that great price and great phone !!

    Sep 25,2018

  • Camilo
    The phone has a good build quality for the price, the features are great, The screen is very vibrant and has the best viewing angle of any phone in similar price range, Call quality is very good clear and crisp sound, full light photos are well balanced and very clear

    Oct 08,2018

  • DesertMan
    The only problem was really created by me since I tried to transfer everything over from my SD and found out it needs to restore from a computer or the other device to do it automatically so I have to restore all the files from the SD manually

    Sep 12,2018

  • goellergirlmom
    Many apps are not made for such a long screen though so it asks every time I open an app to make it full screen or not not a pop up, just an option at the bottom of the screen which is obnoxious

    May 24,2018

  • Bart Strauss
    Great `` budget'' smartphone, speaker quality and call quality are sufficient, The screen looks awesome and the interface is very responsive on all apps so far

    Jun 29,2018

  • Dina A.
    Very good phone at a reasonable price, The High School and Middle School students tell me it has a lot of nice features and the comment is almost always

    Jul 28,2018