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  • BalliLoon
    Creative 3M Luminous Tape Safety Stage Home Decoration - Green
    Natural glow in the dark, energy conservation, bright warning labels can also beautify the environment effect
    •Waterproof, sunscreen, strong corrosion, self-adhesive function, convenient for your use
    •Safety: inert and non-toxic
    •Mark position: can stick on electric switch, remote control panel, wall switches, plugs, sockets, locks, flashlights, etc. Can be marked the location of its existence, easy to use
    • Safety signs: safety warning role stick on such as emergency evacuation passageway, the subway station

    Apr 22,2019

  • Anuj V
    Nice safety product
    I got this to mark steps leading my Living room. The tape is tough and nice quality. Glows for almost 2hrs after switching off lights, which is very good. I think it is not waterproof, so i have put one layer of transparent tape over it to increase its life and durability. I was surprised by the glow duration. Very happy with this product. Will order more. Thankyou Gearbest for fast shipping to India.

    Sep 30,2018

  • Miguel
    Good tape for dark environments
    it does what promises by providing some light in dark environments. it is a bit short, since 3metres are used very easily in a couple stairs so you need to buy several ones. Glue is good but i think it is best if you clean very well the surface and let it dry before applying the tape., otherwise the risk is that it may get off.

    Nov 28,2018

  • Олег
    Светящаяся лента.
    Эта светящаяся лента набирает заряд в течении дня от солнца и потом в тёмное время суток может светиться в темноте. Полезная вещь .Легко клеится на стене. Может получиться много полосок.

    Nov 20,2018

  • Сергій
    Creative 3M Luminous Tape Safety Stage Home Decoration
    Стрічка хорошої якості. Світиться зеленкуватим кольором. Трохи дороге задоволення. Відправляли дуже довго.

    Feb 23,2019

  • Richard Ibanichuka
    Luminous Tape
    It does its job well, it glows when the lights are out. I love it, even though I thought it would be thicker and longer.

    Jun 05,2018

  • Der_Die_Das
    My Recommondation
    This luminous tape lights a lot ans long in the dark. Also if you light it with artificial light. On First day i was wondering what was this light in my kitchen when i walked over there in the morning. But it was just the taperoll lying on the kitchentable where just my tablelight was there before in the evening. ;-)

    Nov 12,2018

  • Yo
    very cool for dark stairs. It is so shinyyyy. Recommended is cheap and useful. Perfect 5star! Thanks!!

    Jan 04,2019

  • Yishay
    good tape, nice glow
    use it to mark windows and doors in my house. sticks good, nice thing. good for cars to. recomended. try it!

    Jan 01,2019

  • Tape
    Светится даже при дневном свете в тени. Выглядит нормально, сверху скотч и пакет для защиты. Отправили и доставили быстро.

    Sep 11,2018