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  • King Back
    Just great all the way around.
    I spent the week testing and playing with this unit after having another projector (not this brand) that wouldn't even work for half of a movie. I am well pleased with this unit from Cheerlux, it is exactly what I would expect out of a projector. I tested this with a USB drive, and I was able to access the files on it, and then using my laptop with the HDMI cable to watch movies.
    For the picture, it looks really good for a home projector, clear and easy to watch. The speaker is much more than I expected, it is clear and has decent sound on its own. The headphone output to my surround sound system works great with no distortions that I could tell. And it runs really cool, after a 2 hour movie it is barely warm.
    Overall no complaint at all.

    Jun 17,2019

  • Jill Veblen
    Cheerlux has impressed this family
    Works great. I can't say I have any complaints or surprises from it! I would highly recommend this product to anyone else.
    We had purchased to use outside for movies for the kids. My daughter is happy and my mother came over and was impressed with the idea of having a super large TV! I love the high-resolution display, this product gives you the ability to chose from either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, which will definitely help you get the most out of your picture depending on the size picture area that you have to work with.
    The picture quality just blows my mind.. I never thought that I could ever get a theater-like picture in my own home.. I plan on using in the fall to watch college football with my friends.

    Jun 23,2019

  • Nicholas Sharp
    Great projector
    This is the perfect projector for a budget shopper who has a dark room in which you can view movies, or those who like to watch it at night. Even digitally designed movies aren't as fake when you watch them on this screen. My only issue is with the brightness of the display, but I don't have a screen, and am using a light brown wall to project onto, so I am not getting the true experience of the device.
    It is highly portable and can be attached to any standard tripod for ease of use in different environments. For the price, it is the best option for anyone interested in a projector experience.

    Jul 02,2019

  • Jack Gladstone
    Surprisingly good
    The brightness is about 2800 lumens, so you can see it clearly in the dark environment.
    Speakers are built in the projector, and the sound quality is enough for me to watch movies.
    In a word, this projector meets all my needs for home theater. There is no doubt that this price is worth it.

    Jun 23,2019

  • Bruce Maria
    The picture is great and it worked as advertised
    For the price I did not expect much.
    However I was pleasantly surprised at the picture it produced. We started outside and then it started to rain so we brought it inside and continued our movie. The picture is great and it worked as advertised!

    Jul 05,2019

  • Mary Walton
    Excellent Value
    The picture is crisp, detailed, and allows for adjustment for different lighting options. It performs best in darkness, of course, but the picture is still passable when used during the day with ambient light coming in through the windows.

    May 25,2019

  • Theodore Adams
    This was a very good buy
    This projector is an awesome compact option for a home theater system all while being budget friendly.
    It works great for sports as well and gives a pretty good picture no matter how big you have it.

    Jun 26,2019

  • Ella Jenny
    Just buy it. Do it.
    The picture quality is MUCH better than I was expecting, and now I'm excited to use this for work and home.
    The sound is good for meetings and is definitely loud enough.

    Jul 08,2019

  • Natividad Bertha
    I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality
    Bought this projector for an outdoor movie screening event in my backyard. I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality, brightness and the sound.

    Jun 14,2019

  • Shirley Judson
    Great Little Cinema Projector for Kids
    1. Build quality looks really good
    2. Brightness. If you turn off the lights, it's totally acceptable to enjoy movies
    3. Efficient cooling fans
    4. Supports USB

    Jun 30,2019