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iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon
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iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon

- Wit

Bluetooth 2.0 MP3 FM-wekker
4.78 108 klanten-reviews | Raadpleeg de Engelse beschrijving
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iFcane E1 omschrijvingen

Tip: ontgrendeld voor wereldwijd gebruik. Zorg ervoor dat het lokale netwerk compatibel is. klik hier voor netwerkfrequentie van uw land. Neem contact op met uw provider voordat u dit artikel koopt.iFcane E1 Quad Band ontgrendeld kaart telefoon Bluetooth 2.0 MP3 FM wekkerBelangrijkste kenmerken:Scherm: 1,0 inch scherm Functies: FM, MP3, wekker Sim-kaart: enkele standaard SIM-kaart Bluetooth:V2.0Netwerken: gsm: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz


Basis informatie

Type: Bar Telefoon
rom: 64MB
Extern geheugen: TF-kaart tot 8 GB (niet inbegrepen)


Netwerktype: GSM
Frequentie: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz


Scherm grootte: 1,0 inch


Cameratype: Geen camera


SIM-kaartsleuf: Enkele SIM
TF-kaartsleuf: Ja


Beeldformaat: JPEG

Extra functies

Extra functies: Alarm,Bluetooth,MP3


Mobiele telefoon: 1
Accu: 320 mAh ingebouwd
USB-kabel: 1
Engelse handleiding: 1


Product grootte: 8,50 x 5,50 x 0,58 cm / 3,35 x 2,17 x 0,23 inch
Pakketgrootte: 10,00 x 7,00 x 2,00 cm / 3,94 x 2,76 x 0,79 inch
Productgewicht: 0,0350 kg
Pakket gewicht: 0.0900 kg
iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon- Wit
iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon- Wit
iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon- Wit
iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon- Wit
iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon- Wit
iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card-telefoon- Wit

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4.78 uit 5
  • 90
  • 14
  • 3
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Alles bekijken 108 beoordelingen Schrijf een recensie
  • csfolmer
    Nice backup phone
    A real phone!
    A nice little phone a few days ago!
    The IFcane E1 has been ordered from the Gearbest website.

    The iFcane E1 is a very small phone.
    A real phone you can only call and text it!
    Really kind of a backup phone and nice and small.

    As big as your bank card.
    The iFcane E1 is just as big as your bank card ... only slightly thicker.
    The sizes of the device are 8.50 x 5.50 x 0.58 cm

    By removing a cover on the back of the phone you can place the SIM card and possibly a memory card.
    You can have a maximum of 8 GB TF memory card.

    This allows you to set up some music files so that you can listen to music!

    Furthermore, the device has bluetooth 2.0, so you can connect it with an external speaker or car kit.

    The iFcane E1 also has an FM radio.
    Only then you have to have headphones with a micro-usb connection.

    Furthermore, there is an Alarm function, calendar and calculator available.
    You have to have good eyes because the screen is only 1 inch in size.
    There is a battery of 320mAh, that looks small but for this phone is fine to spend a few days!
    Since there is no metal in the phone, the reception is fine.

    All in all a nice backup phone, or for children who only need to be reachable or have to call if there is something important. (no internet or fuss)
    And that for only about 12 euros !!!

    Aug 22,2018

  • Евгений
    Запасной,"секретный" мобильник.
    Увидел этот телефончик случайно,просматривая сайт.Подумал немного и заказал,недорого,размерчик как у визитки.как запасной подойдет. Заказал и оплатил 02.02.2019 доставили почтой России 26.02.2019.Телефон соответствует размерам и фотографиям на сайте.Толщина 6 мм.Сколько поработает аккумулятор,проверим.Стоит недорого и смотрится тоже недорого.Сборка корпуса цене соответствует,щели по бокам есть,но мелкие.Размер экрана-24мм на 13мм.Немного цветной.Судя по настройкам-возможен просмотр видео!Проверим.Есть фм радио-но просит подключит проводные наушники,а разьема нет!Сигнал будильника громкий.Внизу,рядом с usb разьемом для зарядки и подключения к компьютеру есть переключатель питания,нужно передвинуть влево,иначе телефон не включится.Но главная кнопка включения как и на всех таких-клавиша сброса звонка.Не сразу разобрался как пользоваться калькулятором,клавиши плю минс,умножить,отнять включаются джойстиком.Календарь в две строчки-день и дата.Русский язык в настройках есть.Пока вся информация

    Feb 26,2019

  • Fremdis
    I needed a phone in my taxi for calling my customers to tell them that I'm delayed, outside their address or clearing out the spot where I'm located at when big events is in place and lots of other taxis is roaming the area.
    Reception is good and it connects fine by bluetooth to the car.
    A flaw might be that the nordic letters "Å", "Ä" & "Ö" is not available when sending SMS but that is not the reason for the rating 4 out of 5.
    It was said that it would have great battery time, and I don't sense that the phone has that.
    But as it works as a "in car phone" a charger is always present and it charges fairly fast so I have no problem with that, though others may. That's the reason for the 4 out of 5 rating.

    As a stand alone phone, it also have good speaker and fits easy in the pocket.

    I'd say it's great value for the price as long as you don't expect it to last several days without doesn't!

    I would recommend this phone as a "in car phone" (handsfree by Bluetooth) if you have the need for one!

    Jan 03,2019

  • manuel
    iFcane E1 Quad Band Unlocked Mini Card Phone
    iFcane Telemóvel Tamanho e Grossura de um Cartão Credito

    Para Segundo Telemóvel ou de Emergência é 5*!!

    - iFcane marca com Qualidade na Coreia do Sul
    - Cor PRETA
    - Fazer Chamadas, Enviar Mensagens, Calendário, Rádio FM, Calculadora, Alarme, Bluetooth, Mp3...
    - Bateria: 320mAhM , até uma Semana!!
    - Pouco nível de Radiação
    - Quad Band e Processador Single Core;
    - Suporta Cartão de memória Micro SD até 8gb
    - Toque ou por Vibração !!
    - Desbloqueado Para todas as Redes;
    - Linguagem em Português;
    - Comprimento: 8,5cm , Largura: 5.5cm , Grossura: 0,5cm ;
    - Peso: 35 Gramas ;
    nada apontar grande aquisição sitie de confiança sempre grande preço relativo a concorrência eu vou recomendar aos meus amigos !!

    Jul 24,2018

  • Yuri
    Works well, but BT is useless.
    It is a real phone and works with Brazilian frequencies. Call sound quality is good too. It did accept a micro SD card with hundreds of songs and it does play them through the speaker. It sends SMS messages, and has an alarm and calculator. I was hoping to use it as an FM radio, but although it does have the function in the menu, it requires you to connect a headphone set, which it does not have a jack for, which is weird.
    Good as a backup phone for festivals and other crowded places.

    Mar 27,2019

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