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  • Stonington
    I swear I bought this a couple of years ago and I must say its THE most convenient and flexible tripod I've ever worked with, At first it'll take you some time you learn to position the tripod so it can fit the case being that its a tight fit, At first I was a little skeptical of its quality being that its shipped from China, the price is astounding

    Jun 12,2018

  • gearmo
    I needed a lightweight but full size tripod for a trip with many photographic opportunities, -LRB- My standard tripod, I decided to try this offering despite the low price, -RRB- The height adjustments are easy and sure

    Jun 20,2017

  • Paul Soutar
    I like the compact size and light weight, small duffle bag, It also comes with a small over-the-shoulder bag of its own, I actually did full extend the legs and raise the center support to max

    Aug 01,2018

  • akmac
    Excellent quality and features, Easy to use -- although I would like to have quick releases on the legs instead of screw-type, I wish it could be a little lighter in weight

    Mar 28,2018

  • Jill Clardy
    You pull the legs open and a release will cause spring tension to snap the legs back into the collapsed position, I am buying the next size down and replacing this one

    Jan 05,2018

  • Roadie
    I could easily strap this one to my backpack with bungee cord and there was never a moment when I cursed the extra weight when hiked in the Alps

    Feb 09,2018

  • Baku
    I bought this to keep in my vehicle - every time you think you don't need a tripod - you need one and the best tripod for the job is the one you have

    Nov 16,2017

  • jay_the_nurse
    The quality of this tripod is great, I work in TV and this tripod works better than most of expensive tripods I use at work

    Apr 18,2018

  • B. D. Eno
    Truly amazing tripod, Of course big heavy telephoto lenses could be a problem as with any lightweight portable tripod

    May 15,2018

  • C. Tone
    I am happy with the purchase, The tripod is solid and fols up very small, Tripod very configurable

    Apr 23,2018